Biggest Wish For 2017 - An excerpt of a book I'll never write #1
Biggest Wish For 2017 - An excerpt of a book I'll never write #1  thoughts stories

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Something I wrote about exactly a year ago, where I was still hopeful that 2017 was gonna be a great year. It didn't turn out as I wanted it to be, but it's okay. It's 2018 now and there's enough months and chapters left to fill with great memories. I hope you enjoy this little extract.

Biggest Wish For 2017 - An excerpt of a book I'll never write #1

''What's your biggest wish for 2017?'' He asked her as they stood outside in the cold and dark night, watching the fireworks disapperaring into the night sky together.

She looked over her shoulder to get a clear vision of his face since it was really dark outside and then she smiled at him. ''to find happiness. Pure happiness.''

She said as she watched another firework expolding in the sky. ''Not the kind of happiness that lasts for a few hours like when you get to spend time with someone you haven't seen in a long time or when you get to read your favourite book,

or watch your favourite movie again. What I mean is that kind of happiness you know will last forever. The one that makes you feel all bubbly and crazy inside, the one where you can't stop smiling.''

She saw his expression changing. That was not the kind of answer he had expected.

He knew about her dreams like owning a car and going for a roadtrip with the people she loves or writing and publishing her first book.

He thought she'd say that she'd put her focus on these things and not on finding happiness. ''What's exactly your plan?'' He asked, looking back at her.

''I don't know what my plan is and I don't have to. I'm gonna let things happen and I'm gonna live the best life I can possibly live.

I will meet new people, people who will stay in my life and I will get rid of those who do not value me anymore. I want to travel the world and see where life can take me.

Laugh until I cry and cry until my eyes and lungs burn. Being happy with myself and my life, just trying to surround myself with things that make me happy and have a positive impact on my life.

That's all I need to know for now. Everything else is still written in the stars and that's okay. I have 364 days left to decide what else there is for me.

2017 will be the year where I discover myself and embrace my happiness, that's my biggest wish and that's what I aim for.'' He smiled. ''That's a great goal. I hope it'll all go as planned. Happy New Year.'' He said, before wrapping her up in his arms. ''Happy New Year.''

The End.

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