Morning rain
Morning rain raindrops stories

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My chill morning

Morning rain

This chill morning I am in the bed My eyelids unwilling to open My eyes are closed and wish to continue the sleep I opened my eyes slowly like a theatre screen opens, highly satisfied

Still I am in the bed where I used to sleep in my riverside hut. The riverside I grow up Raindrops falls to the river surface and creates a rhythmic art in the water, which I could see from my bed, throw the doorway The mist over the hills are the background for this magical lively painting

Still I am in the bed I could see, Raindrops in plants Raindrops in flowers, leaves Raindrops that hold in the edge of the hay thatching like the see-through pearls

Still I am in the bed I could see, Raindrops dance in the portico Raindrops kiss the sand gives the soil fragrance and leads me further dreamy While I adore this scenic, I hardly want to get up to start my day

Still I am in the bed I chill more by drizzle through window I am running outside to catch the rain on me for a soak

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