Gushing your stunning messy things
Gushing your stunning messy things beautiful stories

sakthijay Community member
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Beautiful features

Gushing your stunning messy things

Messy hair like a bird nest I bet that it won’t stand stiffly at all

Uneven unkempt eyebrows My fingers can travel through your eyebrows and make it messier

Sleepy droopy eyes How tiny your eyeballs Can you really see?

Plump nose I wanna punch it. Slightly! No no strongly! Because I like it a lot

Dilate ears alike hand fan Oh it’s damn good to hold in my hand

The most iconic feature that catch my eye Those crooked teeth with teeth gap. Smile! Laugh! Scream! more and more

Trivial whiskers, goatee It’s always nice to rub it a bit

I admired to all your gorgeous features I am insanely attracted to all your scruffiness I wouldn’t say scruffiness. Your magical, charm features

A beautiful messy creation A contemporary art

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