Colors of world from sky eye
Colors of world from sky eye sky stories

sakthijay Community member
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Amazing universal view from sky’s eye

Colors of world from sky eye

Blend of loud sound Feeling drift on me, realise soft push by atmosphere Land and sky are visible in a different angle I feel like floating. After a while, I reach a stable stage

Tiny blocks in different shapes, different colors Curve ash, brown ways in between Brown soil Green lawns Green, dark green, black heaps, those mountains

Passing the light brown and light blue border Wow Ocean begins! A thin long movable line in between brown and blue, ocean foam

Bright sun light nonetheless feeling cold Cloud bundles are spread around in the blue space Passing through white smoke

Smooth blue, ocean blue, aqua, layer underneath Emerald green little island with lemniscuses curve and seafoam green and brown border

Absolutely phenomenal view through the oval window of aircraft I wish I could be a bird to sight the universe all the time, as I own it

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