Learning & Teaching Pre-Riders Ch.1 Part 2
Learning & Teaching Pre-Riders Ch.1 Part 2 babylon rogues stories

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A self-indulgent fic about two of the Babylon Birds. This starts before Riders and will go all the way through to Free Riders. A story about two opposites slowly but surely attracting each other. Storm X Wave and rated T for mild swearing.

Learning & Teaching Pre-Riders Ch.1 Part 2

"Yah know numbahs confuse me, Wave! Yah know dat! Now I can't even remembah what we wuz talkin 'bout!" he expressed, feeling badgered and confused. "And I can barely hear myself think with all this arguing!" Jet suddenly interjected, feeling quite annoyed. The bulky albatross caught himself after hearing Jet's discontent.

"So- sorry, boss! I ain't mean tah do all dat talkin' in duh coms!" he sincerely apologized. Crap, he didn't want to throw his leader off of his game, now of all times! That Wave!

Always doing something to perturb him and then he would always react, which made her react, which made him react, which kept the cycle going until it got to a level Jet was not willing to ignore. "Yeah, Storm! Shame on you, distracting Jet in the middle of a job, with idle chatter and nonsense!" she feigned offense and innocence in one move.

Too bad it was too heavy handed and very opposite to her previous behavior. "Wave, cut it out, you're just as guilty! Now shut up, I'm trying to concentrate!" he ordered, sounding like he was about to find both of them and smack them upside their heads.

"Alright, alright, no need to bite my head off!" Wave complained in an unnecessarily offended tone. She was being annoying, to both Jet and Storm. But Storm kept quiet, wanting Jet to have his full obedience and support. He'd just have to save that insult for later.

"Got 'em!" Jet happily exclaimed after a few moments of silence. "Let's meet up at home, Rogues! Jet, out!" he announced before shutting off his coms. Storm celebrated with a couple of "woo-hoo"s. Finally, it was time to lose these guys and dig into some nice, expensive treasure!

Shifting his weight slightly, Storm's board angled higher and subsequently flew higher in the sky, leaving the police tailing him on the ground and getting further and further away from the large grey bird. Storm turned around to send them a cocky wave goodbye and some hearty laughs.

However, when he did, he neglected to see the helicopter they had managed to catch the attention of during the chase. The helicopter was right behind the still ascending Storm, the officers onboard preparing some heavy artillery to get the big guy back on the ground.

The chopping sound of the copter blades spinning in the wind finally caught his attention and as soon as he saw the helicopter, they loaded their gatling gun with reams and reams of ammunition. Storm let out a manly shout of fear before booking it away from the chopper. Unfortunately, he was a couple of seconds too late and the chopper fired at will on him.

Through the mayhem of bullets coming his way, his frantic riding keeping him off balanced, and his shrieking, Storm managed to make it above the helicopter unscathed. Well, mostly, he did get hit by a couple of rounds. But he's fortunate enough to be so strong and bulky, that they don't pierce his body at all.

But that doesn't stop them from leaving a bruise and hurting like hell. Once Storm was above the helicopter, he roared angrily. They weren't supposed to bring out a freaking helicopter! He was one guy on a hoverboard! And he was careful not to hurt any innocent people during the chase, so what gives!?

Fed up with the whole situation, Storm aimed his gear for a nose dive... directly on top of the helicopter's rotating blades. Yes, this was dumb. Storm wasn't the smartest... but he knew what he was doing... somewhat. Mostly, they had just pissed him off.

With a thundering crash, Storm rammed into the center of the rotary blades, the single most important piece for the helicopter's sustained flight. The hunk of metal immediately careened downward in a spiral as smoke and debris came flying off of Storm's point of impact.

But Storm wasn't done yet, he pulled his Extreme Gear from under him and proceeded to use it as a blunt force trauma weapon, repeatedly bringing the highly advanced technology bashing on the already doomed vessel.

It wasn't until Wave came in on the coms and said something about the other police officers staying on the route for the next 5 minutes at most, that Storm snapped out of his destructive rage and remembered he needed to get off of the falling wreckage asap.

At a speed that should normally be impossible for him, the grey albatross got his feet on the board and flew off of it just in time. However, he was not just in time to miss the following explosion that resulted from the helicopter slamming onto the asphalt. Whilst on fire.

The explosion pushed Storm further into the air at an accelerated speed, but his control was nearly gone. His feet were pushed off of the gear by the pressure, causing him to desperately reach down for it with his hands. Thankfully, his large arms and big hands had the reach to keep his board in his possession.

Once his rust orange gloves grabbed onto the Extreme Gear, he pulled it close to him and hugged it, wrapping his legs around it for added measure. He was still moving at an accelerated speed, and man oh man, he was high up. There was no way he was letting go of that board.

Unfortunately, it spat and sputtered a lot, actually losing power for a few terrifying moments. This at least gave him the opportunity to actually stand on his gear again. But there were sparks flying off of it in regular intervals, smoke puffed from the back more than the appealing orange light it was supposed to emit, and it was a bit shaky.

It took all of Storm's skill as an Extreme Gear rider to get himself and the board back to the Babylon's home/hideout. The flying airship they named "The Babylonian Cloud". Storm nearly had a heart attack 50 odd times, but he caught sight of the familiar airship. He praised the gods in relief and thanks. His troubles were about to be over.

"Stoooorm... I better be imagining the smoke and sparks coming off of your gear..." a sudden, frightening voice threatened in his ear. And he could have swore his heart jumped out of his ribcage when he heard it. Storm wobbled on the barely elevating board, realizing just how dangerous his situation was.

"You had better not messed it up. You better not come in here with my gear busted up and shot to hell! Storm, you colossal moron, what did you DOOOO!?" Wave screeched, revving up for one of her signature nagging rants.

Storm groaned as her squawking voice bombarded him with insults and made incited a headache to form in his temples. The most terrible thing about Storm's current situation was not the fact that he was on a malfunctioning board several thousand feet in the air.

It wasn't the fact that his concentration and skill had been halved because he had spent several stressful minutes trying to get said board into the air without it shorting out and plummeting him to his doom which meant he was currently at his wits' end.

It was the fact that even if he turned off his coms, the seething, venomous, endlessly annoying voice of the scary girl on the other end of the line would not give him peace for the next couple weeks straight. And if Storm wasn't so brave, he would have turned off his gear and free-fall into death's sweet embrace. Alas, Storm the Albatross was not a coward.

And so as the solemn thief finally reached the airship and docked into the hangar, he turned his comm-link off and mentally prepared himself for the rest of Wave's viscous tongue lashing.

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