Learning & Teaching Pre-Riders Ch.1 Part 1
Learning & Teaching Pre-Riders Ch.1 Part 1 babylon rogues stories

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A self-indulgent fic about two of the Babylon Birds. This starts before Riders and will go all the way through to Free Riders. A story about two opposites slowly but surely attracting each other. Storm X Wave and rated T for mild swearing.

Learning & Teaching Pre-Riders Ch.1 Part 1

Author's Note: Guys I just want to be a shipping trash. I never get to be shipping trash. XDDDD This is just gonna be a self-fulfilling story, I haven't found many Storm X Wave fics so I wanted to make one that I would be proud of. So thanks in advance for reading it. ^^ P.S. When Storm is talking, just think big New York guy accent. How it looks is how it sounds. XDDD

The place was guarded. Heavily guarded. Motion sensors, surveillance cameras, armed guards, the whole nine yards. What's worse is the place itself was built like a fortress, the vents were so small, even a kid couldn't crawl in there. The sewage system was locked up tight behind some thick concrete.

And what's worse, the police were coming to help keep the surrounding 5 blocks empty. There was no way in or out that anyone wouldn't see them coming a mile away and they didn't have the firepower or the time to force their way in. So it's a good thing they weren't going in.

The plan was simple; if stealing the jewels while they were in the museum was next to impossible, then they would just hit the trucks carrying them on the way to the museum. Easy. Well, it would have been if the cops weren't helping with the transportation of the jewels. But Jet declared that's what made it "more fun".

Wave was clearly not amused and nagged Jet about thinking heists all the way through , but went along with the plan anyway. And Storm, being the loyal lackey, decided Jet was right. This was going to be fun. The Babylon Rogues were never ones to shy away from dangerous jobs, this one was no different.

Okay, this was a little different, the cops would already be on the scene at the start of this job, but Storm wasn't concerned at all. The Babylon Rogues were the greatest thieves in the world. Nothing tripped them up. So adding a little danger was just like putting extra cheese on a burger: it was going to taste a lot more savory when it was all over with.

And as the thieving trio descended on their target, the all too familiar feeling of excitement and slight nervousness filled Storm's gut. Jet barked a few orders over his shoulder at him and Wave, and without hesitation, both of them moved in separate directions;

Wave was going to the front of the truck to keep the truck in motion, but set it on a loop, keeping it on the freeway and away from it's destination. Jet was going to the top of the truck to cut open the roof and grab all the jewels being carried, careful not to set off any alarms or let the guards inside the truck catch him.

Storm's job was probably the simplest: distraction. He would be the target for the cops following the truck, while Wave kept the cops in front occupied with the looping directions, Storm had to lure the cops in the rear away from the truck so Jet could work and escape without being chased afterward.

It was the simplest role, but it was equally as important as his teammates' roles. As soon as he got them on his trail, the rest of the heist could succeed. With expert maneuvering, Storm hovered to the side of the police escorts, quickly punching the passenger's window, snatching out the radio and the siren controls,

and tossing them out the patrol car. The police officers screamed like little girls when he suddenly smashed the window, the glass shattering out of nowhere and Storm's massive arm reaching in so fast caught them by total surprise. The driver nearly steered into the dividing column to his left.

Storm chuckled a bit as the swerving patrol car caused a chain reaction of all the cars behind it to slam on the breaks and swiftly turn the wheels to help the sudden stop become even more sudden. Taking this opportunity, Storm flew to the other patrol cars and ripped their radios and sirens out of the dashboards.

In a matter of seconds, all 10 police cars were out of their radios and sirens and the truck carrying the gems was far beyond their reach. "NOW LESSEE WHO CAN PLAY FOLLOW DUH LEADER, BOYS!" shouted Storm in a deep, brutish, and playful baritone voice.

As the police officers finally gathered their bearings and prepared to open fire on the enormous bird, a light tap of his heel on the footprint of his board had the device's engine humming, a burst of orange light blast out of its exhaust, and Storm went zooming off the freeway, like a lightning bolt.

It took the patrol cars a couple seconds to get off the freeway to properly give chase to Storm, but he was kind enough to wait for them at the top of the exit ramp. As soon as they got in shooting range of him though, he was blasting forward again.

Storm slipped his goggles on as the chase continued to the streets of the city, moving as fast as possible through the night traffic. His giant fingers twisted the left goggle, earning him a slight click as the communicator in his eyewear came online.

"I got 'em hot on mah tail feathers, boss! Yah good ta go!" he assured happily, before quickly flying over a minivan going a little slower than the other cars Storm was whizzing past. He wasn't trying to hurt anyone after all. Well, anyone who wasn't a cop, who he knew were still trying to get a clear shot on him.

"Good, keep them chasing you, but don't go too fast, you don't want to lose them just yet. I'm cutting my way in now. Wave, how's the front looking?" Jet quickly communicated. He was tense, but in an excited way. He was focused and determined, Storm could feel it in his voice. That was the best side of his boss Jet.

His dedication to keeping the Babylon Rogues on top was one of his most admirable qualities. But he just realized Jet's instruction for him, he had given the cops a run for their money, they had almost lost sight of him.

"Gimme about 3 more seconds here and I'll- yah!" exclaimed Wave before a loud metallic clank rang out. Before Jet or Storm could ask what that was, Wave popped back on the coms. "Sorry, the driver woke back up. Guess I didn't whack him hard enough the first time. Anyway, route is being changed and set on a loop now.

And the 5-O are none the wiser up here" she finished briskly. Storm could hear the faint echos of typing as she spoke. A smile crept to his face as he slowed down slightly so the police could catch up (geez they were slow. The city really should give the cops better cars, this had to be kind of embarrassing for them).

Wave was always more violent when they were on a job, she was tense too, but she expressed it with pure aggression more than excitement. The excitement for her was counting up the goods in the comfort of their home after the job. But as a bullet darted past his arm, Storm supposed this was the most exciting part for him.

Not the fact that he was very close to fatal bodily harm, no that wasn't exciting, that was just a little scary. No the best part for him was knowing that he was keeping danger away from Jet and Wave. He wasn't the smartest or the sneakiest or the fastest, but he was definitely the strongest.

And it was his job to keep his team safe. So knowing they weren't on the police's radar at all, right then, excited him. "Alright, you two keep working, I'm about to break in" Jet said in a slightly squawking, tense voice. The hawk was about to engage the guards in the truck and he needed total concentration.

Too bad Storm and Wave were still on the line. "I wouldn't call this work, personally. I'd call it, flying by the seat of my pants, it's got a more accurate feel to it" Wave said sarcastically. "Whadda ya, scared? Ya doubtin' duh Boss, Wave?" Storm teased.

"No, I'm doubting that this will fool the boys in blue right in front of me and I'm definitely doubting you'll lose the ones chasing you when it's time to go. You'll just bring them our way and we'll all have them up our butts for hours" she retorted coldly.

"Well yah wrong, I can lose deese guys anytime I want, understand?" Storm assured confidently as he weaved through some bullets aimed at him from said cops. "Just like you lost them on the Emerald Town job? Oh wait, you actually didn't lose them on that job, if memory serves. Hmmm..." mentioned Wave in a coy, mischievous way.

"Dat wuz cuz you wuz messing wit duh cameras ta make it look like a gang 'ah hippos robbed duh joint, 'stead ah us! I hadda come back ta get tha cops you led ta tha place, cuz ya prank wuz takin' too long!" Storm reminded her harshly. He was getting a little heated now.

Wave was always pawning off her mistakes on him, it really got on his nerves. "Well if you remember, it was hilarious! You choked on juice when you watched it afterwards, ya blithering idiot!" Wave said, attempting to shift the focus on what she did being wrong back to Storm being an idiot.

"Dat don't mean duh cops wuz my fault dat time, ya skuzz!" Storm corrected. "Please, even if I hadn't put the hippo gang in, you would have still had the cops on your tail feathers because you barely move above the speed limit!

Which is actually a good thing, you'd probably run into something if you went at a normal speed, clumsy oaf" Wave was getting heated now too. Clearly, she always went for his slower riding when she was getting warmed up. "I'm goin 90 miles per owah right nah, how is dat 'barely ovah duh speed limit'?"

"It's relative to the speed limit, nimrod. If the speed limit is 70 miles per hour, then congratulations, you're only going 20 mph faster than every other car on the road. A grandma late for a business meeting drives that fast. Jet's normal speed is 130 mph, which is 60 mph faster than you're going right now. With cops chasing you.

But no, good job, you're really cranking it up to the next level, aren't ya?" Wave briskly explained, while belittling the grey albatross on the other end. He grunted in frustration trying to keep what she was saying straight in his head, but his feeble mind dropped the connections and his place in their back and forth was lost to him.

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