Charmy Nonsense Chapter 4 Charmy In A Grocery Store Part 1
Charmy Nonsense Chapter 4 Charmy In A Grocery Store Part 1 sonicteam stories

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A bunch of silly one shots about little old Charmy Bee. Hopefully reading this will change some Charmy haters' opinions.

Charmy Nonsense Chapter 4 Charmy In A Grocery Store Part 1

Author's Note: Had to break this up because it's so big. This is going to be a habit as we move forward, I hope that's okay. ^^U

"Blegh, why does this stuff smell so bad, Espio?!" Charmy squeaked out after reeling his face back from some exotic vegetable he couldn't pronounce. Espio sighed impatiently, putting down the lettuce head and celery sticks he was examining to snatch Charmy off the ground.

He was currently fake barfing as loud as he could, causing a scene for the 15th time that day. "Charmy, it's Bok Choy. It's not supposed to smell like flowers. Now will you kindly compose yourself?" he asked in a non-asking way. Charmy slowly died down his barfing and floated right above Espio's head, sighing loudly.

"Why am I here again? Why can't Vector go grocery shopping with you? This is booooring..." Charmy whined. Espio turned his head to look in Charmy's direction slightly, but never taking his eyes off of the produce.

"Because he is off handling some other business. And the last time you went with him to handle other business, you ended up setting an entire building on fire" Charmy frowned awkwardly, remembering how quickly the fire spread to the rest of the building.

He was only trying to see how many matches he could light and hold in his mouth while juggling as many books as he could. Man that was dangerous... yet he giggled thinking how close he was to holding 30 lit matches in his mouth! That had to be a world record or something!

"So you're punishment is being here with me, where you won't be able to light anything on fire. Hopefully..." Espio placed more items in the grocery cart as he moved down the aisle, Charmy following a couple of feet behind him.

"But Es-pi-oooooo, this is so boring and disgusting, all you're getting is fruits and vegetables and nasty stuff. You're not even getting the good stuff!" the young boy protested, pointing toward the snack aisle to emphasize his point. Espio didn't look in his direction as he looked at two potatoes intently.

"That's because we still have the 'good stuff' at home. We ate all of the fruits and vegetables, so this isn't about getting what Charmy wants..." he threw one potato back and placed the other in the basket along with the bag it came from.

"Nuh-uh! That's not true, Espio! We ran out of Crunchy Monkeys!" Charmy flew in front of Espio quickly, remembering one of his favorite snacks. Espio, finally looking at Charmy, had an unimpressed expression on his face.

"We don't need more Crunchy Monkeys, we need sustenance; food that we eat for dinner, not disgustingly sugary treats, which if you recall, you singlehandedly ate in one sitting..." Espio chastised the yellow stripped kid. Charmy stared at Espio, with pleading eyes wider than dinner plates.

The chameleon wasn't flinching though, and simply pushed his younger companion out of his personal space and continued shopping quietly. Charmy groaned in exasperation, Espio was being a stick in the mud. As usual...

But just as Charmy turned to catch up with him, he noticed something in the distance. It was colorful and inviting. Curiosity gnawed at the bee, and he quickly thought how he could convince his ninja partner to free him from this torturous task so he could investigate.

"Uh, Espio... do you think I could get some of the other things on the list while you... stare at every individual grape in every bag? We could get out of here faster" he offered, hoping he sounded innocent. The magenta reptile turned to see the bee floating nonchalantly, or rather, as nonchalantly as a child who can't stop moving could.

Squinted eyes inspected the boy's sudden change in attitude, trying to ascertain if he was up to anything. An uncomfortable 2 minute stare down was all it took for Espio to warily give half of the shopping list quickly scribbled by Vector to the waiting toddler.

"If you come back with anything not on this list, today will not end well for you, bee..." Espio threatened. A nervous gulp was all the boy could muster before Espio turned back around and inspected the grapes. Finally, Charmy was free to look at whatever that colorful thing in the distance was.

He zipped across aisles, people and their carts, and signs until he was floating before it. Something so beautiful he couldn't even speak for a moment. But when he finally got his voice back he was able to say this: "I've only seen you in my dreams... I never knew you were real... and now that I see you... you're even better than I imagined..."

There in front of him was a line of new Crunchy Monkey flavors. Blue Sky Blue Blast of Blueness, Root Beer Soda Explosion, Icing Frosting Sugar Jelly Bites, and Rainbow Seizure Playful Death Drop. The tears wouldn't stop, it was so beautiful.

Charmy hugged the animatronic monkey sign, laughing incredulously. "Bless you, Crunchy Monkey! Bless you!" he cried. Nothing was going to keep him from sneaking these out of the store and chowing down. However, a loud rumbling caught Charmy's attention.

It sounded like a stampede... and it was getting louder and louder. The boy fearfully turned around and promptly screamed in horror at the sight. It was a group of kids, running right towards him and his wondrous Crunchy Monkeys, wrecking anything and everything unfortunate enough to be in their path.

A couple of adults were trampled over by their small feet, several shopping carts left unattended were bent and misshaped from the ferocious tiny hands of the horde. Charmy stared at the incoming threat, shaking uncontrollably, wondering how he was going to survive this.

But with a quick look back at the cartoon monkey sign, smiling obliviously, Charmy found the strength inside of himself to stand against this threat. He floated down to the tiled floor, careful not to step on the many white tiles, but the turquoise diamond tile.

He inhaled deeply, reeled his upper body back for a moment and thrust a loud voice forward at the horde. "THE WHITE TILES ARE LAVAAAAAAAAA!!!" he announced loud enough for the entire supermarket to hear.

Within seconds of the high pitched bee's voice echoing off the walls, the children horde rushed off of the many white tiles and fought for the too few turquoise diamonds so they wouldn't die a horrible, burning death.

However, a lot of them were too late, Charmy pointed at all the kids still standing on the white tiles, and shouted, "HA HA! YOU'RE MELTED! NOW YOU GOTTA STAY FROZEN! HA!" A collective "Aww maaaaaan" resonated from the group of kids and they systematically flopped to the floor.

As far as Charmy could see, there was only 10 kids left, and they were still trying to find a way to push the other kids off the safety of the diamonds so they could get closer to the coveted Crunchy Monkeys shelf.

Charmy laughed triumphantly, he had safely secured the treats all for himself. But suddenly, he felt a foot land on his head. A big foot. He nearly fell over from the sudden attack! Luckily, there was another turquoise diamond close enough for him to put his hand on and do a handstand.

"Who--- who the heck?!" he asked angrily, as he looked toward the person now standing in front of the Crunchy Monkeys. It was a kangaroo, a green, hoodie clad, kangaroo. Who was a lot older than Charmy now that he saw him. He had to be 11 or maybe even 11 and a half!

"There's no way you're gonna get MY new Crunchy Monkeys, you bubble-headed wimp! Nya ha ha!" the green kangaroo mocked. The yellow stripped bee simply looked at him, mouth agape. Did he... did he just... call him... a bubble-headed wimp?! And did he just claim Charmy's Crunchy Monkey's as HIS?! Did this guy WANT Charmy to bust the teeth out of his mouth?!


"First off, THESE ARE MINE! Second off, you're not gonna win in a game of the floor is lava against me! I've got the maddest hops in town! I can jump from here to the moon if I wanted to!" he said, sneering at Charmy, who was still upside down doing his handstand.

The kangaroo moved a gloved hand to the shelf, using his extra height to stay on the diamond and grab a box of Rainbow Seizure Playful Death Drop flavored Crunchy Monkeys.

The energetic bee could feel the heat rising to his face, he was sure steam was about to blast out of his antennas. He was not about to try the new flavors before him. No way, no how! With the strength of an olympic athlete, Charmy pushed his entire body into the air, aiming himself at the villainous kangaroo.

His tiny shoes collied with the back of the kangaroo's head, ha served him right, he had just kicked Charmy in the back of his head after all. The green mammal face planted on the shelf and as soon as Charmy jumped off of his head, fell backwards, toward the lava tiles.

Unfortunately, the emerald colored marsupial had better reflexes than Charmy thought. He managed to jump to the tile Charmy was previously on. The bee was now latched onto the paper towel shelf adjacent to the much more interesting Crunchy Monkeys shelf. The kangaroo growled and pointed at the higher boy.

"That's cheating isn't it?! You have to use the floor in 'the floor is lava' game! You cheating bubble-head!"

"Not if we're playing by the Spagonia rules, which we are! The only rules are don't touch the lava tiles and flying isn't allowed. As you can see, since I called the game, I haven't flown once, you mega, flat-nosed golem!" Charmy corrected him. The kangaroo coiled his legs, preparing for a jump.

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