Charmy Nonsense Chapter 4 Charmy In A Grocery Store Part 2
Charmy Nonsense Chapter 4 Charmy In A Grocery Store Part 2 sonicteam stories

sajman Yo, the name's SAJ-Man! I'm a Sonic fan
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A bunch of silly one shots about little old Charmy Bee. Hopefully reading this will change some Charmy haters' opinions.

Charmy Nonsense Chapter 4 Charmy In A Grocery Store Part 2

"Well, if that's how we're playing this..." he whispered to himself before launching himself to the top of the shelf, Charmy looking up in surprise. "Then let's get this over with, chump!" shouted the kangaroo before he used his tail to swat Charmy off of the shelf he was holding onto.

"Gwah!" grunted Charmy fearfully as flew into a wall. The green kangaroo laughed victoriously as he prepared to jump onto the Crunchy Monkeys shelf. A red-orange beam stopped him in his tracks before he could move.

The beam, shot from the direction the seemingly incapacitated Charmy had been smacked to, hit the kangaroo's side and pushed him across the top of the aisle shelf.

The energetic bee, still lodged into the wall, had his hand pointed at the kangaroo, smoke coming off of his palm. This jerk didn't know who he was messing with. After training for a long time with Vector, Espio, and to a lesser extent Mighty and Ray, Charmy could harness his aura and use it to do miraculous feats.

He could use it to manipulate the air and create whirlwinds strong enough to seem solid. He could use it to cover his body and strengthen him, making him an organic wrecking ball able to smash through nearly any object. He could even use it to charge up electricity and shoot it out as projectiles.

In other words, Charmy basically had super powers. Meaning this kid was not about to beat him. The kangaroo scrambled to stay on top of the shelf, Charmy jumped up from his new wall hole to land on the other end of the shelf.

As soon as the kangaroo regained his balance and breathed in a few worrisome breaths, he shot a threatening, but shocked look at the young boy standing triumphantly before him. "Wha--- wha--- what was that?! Did--- did... you do that?!" shocked beyond belief. Charmy laughed in a haughty tone.

A white gloved finger playfully rubbing under his black button nose as he smiled widely. "You don't know who I am, so I'm sure you're confused, but I'm apart of the world famous Chaotix Detective Agency! We're basically super heroes, and that means..." Charmy stopped and placed his hands in front of himself.

After a second, the tips of his fingers began to glow with the same red-orange energy that hit the kangaroo. The emerald furred marsupial slowly widened his eyes in response, his suspicions confirmed. "We got super powers..." he chuckled, feeling superior to the kangaroo staring in shock.

The kangaroo boy shakily pushed himself to his feet, trying to stand up to his full height, thinking maybe that would make him feel on top of the situation again. But he just couldn't find the strength to uncurl his back. Well, Charmy wasn't about to let this opportunity slip by him.

He leaped at the kangaroo, feeling akin to a rocket, and smashed his head into the larger boy's stomach, a decisive blow. The wind was knocked out of the kangaroo and the green boy effectively flew off of the shelf, falling hopelessly onto the white tiles.

"Oooof!" was all Charmy needed to hear. The giddy little bee hopped onto his feet and exuberantly celebrated his victory. "Wooooohoooo! You're melted, blockhead! Which means the Crunchy Monkeys are all MINEEEEE!! HAHAHAHAHA!!" the boisterous black and yellow insect shouted loudly.

He had done it! The threat was neutralized, the Crunchy Monkeys were saved, and all of his dreams were coming true--- "What in the world is all of this?!" a familiar voice asked incredulously. Horrified, Charmy whipped his head around and saw Espio below him, taking in the glorious mayhem he had wrought.

And just like a bolt of lightning, Charmy remembered what Espio told him before he was freed from boredom. "If you come back with anything not on this list, today will not end well for you, bee..." THE LIST.

Frantically, his small hands patted all around his body, feeling around for the paper that could save his life. After shifting his hand under his treasured helmet, he touched the small paper scrap resting under it. The breath of relief he exhaled could have put out a house fire.

Making sure Espio hadn't looked up and saw him, Charmy snuck down from the top of the shelf and into the aisle, snatching some jelly from one of the shelves before booking it in the opposite direction Espio was moving in.

Moving at speeds rivaling Sonic the freaking Hedgehog, Charmy flew through the aisles, snatching the listed items. And before Espio called his name, correctly suspecting the mayhem to be his fault, Charmy called to him from behind.

"Hey Espio, I'm done with my half of the list! Let's go home already!" the cheerful voice coming from behind had Espio look back with a bewildered expression on his face. "Charmy... you got all the groceries on the list..? Did you get anything not---"

"Not on the list? Nope. Because you threatened to kill me if I did. And I like living!" he said with a toothy smile. Espio looked at him and the surrounding madness, puzzled. After a moment, he sighed in disbelief and shook his head.

"You know what, I don't care. You did your part, I did mine, let's go home" he said unamused. Espio walked the cart in the direction of the checkout aisles, giving Charmy a chance to let out the sigh of relief he was holding in.

When it was finally time for them to put their groceries on the conveyer belt, Espio took care to move the items onto the belt. Charmy opted to chuck as many groceries as he could onto the moving platform as fast as he could. That is... until he saw some curious items.

Stuff that looked like vegetables but were more akin to flowers and leaves. Charmy remembered some of these things from tv shows. They were herbs. And they weren't on the list.

"... Espio... what is this stuff?" he asked annoyed, his head cocked to the side and his tongue pressed against his cheek. Espio turned to Charmy, embarrassed to be caught. "Well... you know... I've been... meaning to try some different flavors of tea and---"

"NO NO NO NO NO!! IF I CAN'T HAVE CRUNCHY MONKEYS, YOU CAN'T HAVE THESE FRU FRU TEA HERBS!! THAT'S NOT FAAAAAIR!!" the young boy wailed as he sat in the shopping cart, making Espio very uncomfortable. Charmy whined and cried loudly for several minutes before the shinobi finally gave in.

"Alright! Alright, Charmy! You can get a few boxes---" "Great!" Charmy lifted up his helmet and out dropped several boxes of Crunchy Monkeys onto the conveyer belt. "Did... did you.. PLAN on... shoplifting those..?!" Espio asked angrily.

"I don't know what that means, but I wasn't gonna leave this store without my Crunchy Monkeys! It wouldn't have mattered if we paid for these or not!" Charmy said nonchalantly as he put the rest of the groceries on the conveyer belt.

Espio stared at him bewildered and frustrated, pointing his hand toward the koala cashier scanning their groceries. Charmy simply looked up at Espio, smiling innocently. After a moment of awkward silence between them, Charmy finally understood what Espio meant with his pointing.

"... Oh! No offense dude, it's just... it's the new Crunchy Monkeys flavors!" the boy innocently said to the employee. Espio was about to slap his forehead in exasperation.

"No worries. I've eaten a few boxes on lunch break, I wouldn't have stopped you, little dude" the chameleon heard the koala's response. The ninja's confusion only deepened.

The koala scanned the last of the items and told the incredulous chameleon the total of his purchase as an excited Charmy responded to his earlier statement with an astute "Ha ha ha, I would do that too!".

"Oh and nice game of 'the floor is lava'. That was straight awesome, bee dude" the koala commented in a very chill way. Disturbing Espio even further. "Hey, thanks man! I had a ton of fun!" said Charmy excitedly. Espio looked between the two very friendly people talking about stupid snacks and games and sighed in acceptance.

"At least the store isn't on fire..." he calmly said as he placed a couple of rings on the counter. But just then, Charmy shot an energy blast at the ceiling, lighting it on fire. Charmy looked at his older ninja friend slowly, a sheepish smile on his face. Espio resumed his face palm he started a few minutes ago.

"... dang it, Charmy..."

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