Charmy Nonsense Chapter 3 Charmy In A Courtroom
Charmy Nonsense Chapter 3 Charmy In A Courtroom sonicteam stories

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Just a collection of silly one shots about the hyperactive bee we all know. If there are any Charmy haters out there, maybe these stories will change your mind about him.

Charmy Nonsense Chapter 3 Charmy In A Courtroom

Author's Note: Okay if none of the other ones were nonsense, this one definitely is. XDDDDD I was watching a lot of Law and Order with my mom, okay? X'DDDDD

Charmy in a courtroom: "OBJECTION!" a high pitched, energetic voice echoed through the courtroom for the 20th time in an hour. "For the last time, Mr. Bee, you can't say 'objection' in a courtroom unless you are a lawyer. Now please, remain quiet or you will be held in contempt of court!" said a very irritated judge.

Charmy physically deflated as he slumped down to his seat. "Why can this guy say law stuff and not me?" the young bee asked upset. He crossed his arms in displeasure as the judge chose to ignore his question.

He instead turned his attention to the prosecutor that was waiting to finish his round of questioning for the trial currently taking place. "Continue, counselor" said the judge with a swift "Thank you, Your Honor" gratefully pushed to him. The lawyer took a quick deep breath as he mentally went back to the beginning of his thought.

"Charmy, on the night in question, you previously stated that you were getting ice cream with your friends, correct?" he asked plainly. "Mm-hmm" Charmy nodded, still a little upset. But then remembered something else.

"WITHDRAWN! No, I wasn't with my friends, I was with my BEST friends and detective bros, the Chaotix!" Charmy said proudly as he unknowingly floated a few feet above the testifying seat.

The lawyer looked at Charmy with exasperated eyes and sighed impatiently. He had to get through this stupid trial so he could get paid and this annoying kid was getting in the way of that. But he was the adult, so he just decided to be mature and press on.

"Ha ha, okay, you don't have to say 'withdrawn', Charmy. Just tell the truth in simple, direct words. Alright, so you said you noticed the defendant walking up to Mr. East's car parked on the street in front of the ice cream place?" he asked, hoping Charmy would just say yes so he could get him out of the courtroom quickly.

"Yup!" Charmy responded. With a silent sigh of relief, the lawyer continued. "So you're saying-" he was interrupted by a loud "WITHDRAWN!" "Actually, the car was parked a little further on the street, it wasn't directly in front of the ice cream place.

Wait, wait, wait! WITHDRAWN! The car WAS parked in front of the ice cream place, BUUUUT it was across the street, on the other block's side!" Charmy said exuberantly, the lawyer frozen in irritation even after Charmy finished withdrawing his withdraw.

The courtroom was silent, the lawyer staring daggers at the oblivious child floating above his seat.

After a short moment, the lawyer broke the silence, his voice thick with impatience. "Charmy, you don't have to withdraw anything you say, especially if it's not important to answering my questions, okay?" he waited to see Charmy nod in agreement.

He did and the suit wearing man continued. "So you clearly saw the defendant break the glass window of Mr. East's driver's window, unlock the car door, hot-wire the car, and drive away in it? Is that correct, Charmy?

" his final question asked, the lawyer thought just say yes and we're done, just say yes, you stupid, annoying, little- "WITHDRAWN!" Charmy said loudly. "YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING YET! WHAT ARE YOU WITHDRAWING?!" the lawyer screamed, finally losing his cool. Charmy laughed innocently at him yelling.

"What you said, silly! It was wrong" Charmy said tiredly after laughing. The lawyer, so angry he couldn't process his words fast enough, stuttered out in protest. "I-ah-pfft-wha- what exactly did I SAY that was WRONG, BRAT?!" he managed to get out.

"You said that guy broke the window on the driver's side to unlock the door, he didn't. The door was unlocked without any tricks, just with car keys. And that window was broken after the guy got in the car, the glass was on the outside of the car. Also, yeah, the car wasn't hot-wired. The actual wires used to hot-wire that kind of car weren't even close to touching."

"The person in the car just wanted to make it LOOK like the car was hijacked" Charmy said casually, as if it wasn't a big deal. Everyone was silent, this time in surprise, the lawyer and judge included. Charmy looked around the courtroom confused.

"You guys DID LOOK at the crime scene photos and reports... right?" he asked, the lawyer going back in his briefcase to look at the photos. He studied them for a moment and looked up, realization on his face. "Oh, plus, WITHDRAWN! You said I saw the defendant, but I'm not sure I did."

"I saw someone that LOOKED like that guy, but this person that was in the car could have had a mask to resemble the defendant. What I know I saw, was a guy with a key get in, then break the window, and drive off. And the only one with a key was Mr. West so it looks like he's the one you should be looking at" Charmy finished up his statement.

The lawyer looked at his client, Mr. West, guilt written over his expression. He knew that Mr. West was the true culprit. But he still needed to know one thing. "Why, right?" Charmy asked casually. The lawyer turned his surprised face to Charmy again.

"That's what you're wondering, right? Easy, he wanted to pin the theft on the defendant so that he could get revenge for that guy cutting him out of his illegal drug smuggling operation. AND he wanted the insurance company to pay him because he's covered for theft and nothing else. Not even accidents or repairs? Yeah, he planned this WAAAY ahead of time."

"They're both bad guys, they both need to go to jail" Charmy said as he flew off the witness stand. The entire courtroom was quiet, until Mr. West tried to get up and run out of the room, but the bailiff's subdued him and the defendant. Charmy was just about to fly out of the door, but he stopped and turned around.

"AND I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO SAY 'OBJECTION' AND STUFF HERE! THAT GUY GOT TO, AND HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT!" Charmy shouted, pointing at the lawyer, before finally flying into the hallway.

The lawyer simply stared at the doors the young bee flew through as the two criminals were being cuffed and escorted to holding cells. He slapped his forehead incredulously and dropped his suitcase on the floor. "I quit"

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