Charmy Nonsense Chapter 2 Charmy Being Chased By A Monster
Charmy Nonsense Chapter 2
Charmy Being Chased By A Monster sonicteam stories

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A bunch of silly one shots about little old Charmy Bee. Hopefully reading this will change some Charmy haters' opinions.

Charmy Nonsense Chapter 2 Charmy Being Chased By A Monster

Charmy was playing with his Shadow and Sonic action figures in his room, just minding his own business. When all of a sudden, he noticed his wall. Not like he didn't know it was there before, but there was something weird about it. It looked like the paint was... more swirly than he remembered. And it was... moving?

Charmy curiously poked the wall, seeing what the heck was happening. Suddenly, the wall swirled into a portal, Charmy's finger slightly entering into the mysterious transporting wall. He immediately snatched it back and it was good that he did, for King Boom Boo's mouth had nearly chomped the end of his finger off!

Charmy yelped in surprise and flew to the other side of his room, King Boom Boo emerging from the portal slowly. Charmy could hardly breathe. What was this thing, why was it trying to eat him, how did it get in his room? A million thoughts ran through the bee boy's head, as King Boom Boo loomed closer to him.

Charmy finally snapped out of his frozen state and looked up at the ghost monster. "What are you?" he asked, seemingly more excited than scared. The ghost simply growled loudly, shaking Charmy to his core. After the shock of the ghost's sudden loudness and its... breath,

Charmy opened his eyes, and really looked at the ghost king. Charmy's head tilted to the side as he closely observed the ghost's mouth. Was that its tongue? It looked like... a rainbow. It literally had a rainbow colored tongue. To Charmy, that meant only one thing. With realization flashing in his eyes, he zipped right into the ghost king's large scary face.

"DO YOU HAVE CANDY?! GIMME SOME GIMME SOME GIMME SOME!! PLEEEEEEEEEASE?!" he shouted, incredible excitement coursing through his tiny body as he vibrated in front of the ghost.

The king of ghosts was thoroughly confused. Why wasn't this child scared, everyone is scared of ghosts, especially kids. So what was up with this bee? King Boom Boo pushed the questions aside and moved to grab Charmy, but Charmy disappeared just as his hand was about to take hold of his tiny body.

King Boom Boo twirled around, looking for the strange boy, where could he have gone? "You-who!" the ghost heard as he whipped his body around to see Charmy floating next to the portal he came from. He was pouting now, his hands folded over his body.

"If you aren't gonna share your candy, then get out of my room, weirdo" he said agitated. The ghost king lunged for him again, faster this time. But Charmy disappeared again, leaving the ghost to fly through the wall, needing to double back.

When the monster returned, he was furious; his hands emitting blue fire and his eyes sharp, piercing yellow orbs pointed right at the irritating bug. But Charmy still wasn't scared. No, Charmy was still agitated at the ghost for being stingy with its candy. He leaned his small form toward the ghost king, his hands still on his hips and a unpleased look on his face.

"Hey! I said get out of my room, you big jerk! That means stay out!" he yelled. That was the last straw for the monster ghost. He threw his blue fire at the bee, but Charmy just flew out of the window, backwards so he could stick his tongue out at the ghost as he flew away.

With a roar and another fireball toss, King Boom Boo was chasing after Charmy above the city. The fireball quickly whizzed pass the flying boy, leaving him unharmed. Charmy flew skillfully through the cityscape; tall buildings being effortlessly evaded through.

Thinking that with the giant ghost's size and Charmy's expert flying, the ghost would be stuck eating his dust unable to follow him. And normally, he would have been right... but King Boom Boo is a ghost... soooooo...

"Aw man, how'd I forget? Ghost can go through walls and junk!" Charmy remarked as he saw King Boom Boo easily move through the obstacles Charmy had led him to. Charmy resumed flying forward, making sure to sporadically move left, right, up, and down to avoid the ghost fireballs.

"Okay, this is gonna be trickier than I thought..." Charmy said to himself as he dodged another attack from the roaring monster behind him. Charmy flew higher into the air, trying to make sure there was enough room to take the monster down without hurting anyone... but his eye caught something colorful and shining in the distance.

"No way! There's a carnival in town! Ha ha, I'm gonna ride the ferris wheel!" he said, completely forgetting that he was currently being chased by an angry monster... which angered the angry monster even more! As Charmy flew down to the carnival, King Boom Boo let out a loud cry, loud enough that it could be heard down on the street.

After his cry, a few smaller ghosts flew out of random places and went to his side. King Boom Boo pointed at the now far away Charmy, happily thinking about the funnel cakes and cotton candy he was about to steal, uh, buy at the carnival. The little ghosts moved after him with their king in tow.

Charmy finally reached the carnival and was ready to have a blast. He immediately flew to the bumper cars and entered the small vehicle. The smaller ghosts were closing in, but Charmy was completely focused on having fun. And just as the small ghosts were about to grab the innocent boy, they shrieked in horror.

Once Charmy had taken the last bumper car, bright neon lights lit up the arena the cars occupied. The little ghosts knew they were weak to light and there was a lot of it here. They tried to escape, but it was too late. All the kids, Charmy included were currently running them over, squashing them into the walls or other cars, and hitting them all across the arena.

King Boom Boo watched with horror as his servants were being crumbled by the cruel children. King Boom Boo decided to wait for Charmy to leave the nightmare place of light. Then he'd have his soul for dinner...

Charmy moved from the bumper cars to the tea cups, then to whack-a-mole, then to the cotton candy and funnel cakes, and everywhere that he could go. As the hours went on, the carnival announced that they would be closing for the night, much to Charmy's dismay. He wasn't ready for the fun to end, but he understood.

He had been there all day and it was probably best to go home. He took all of his new toys and prizes with him to the skies as he headed back to the agency. Finally, King Boom Boo was waiting for this moment for hours and finally, the time was right. He was gonna take that annoying little brat's soul if it was the last thing he did.

He went invisible, he didn't want to chase the boy anymore, and flew right in front of him. And just as he was about to bite the kid's head off, Charmy opened his mouth to yawn, and that was the worst thing the ghost king could happen to him.

One of Charmy's innocuous prizes had been a pair of light up teeth, which he was currently sporting over his own teeth. The flashing light blinded and severely damaged the evil ghost and Charmy without knowing it, had nearly defeated the villainous monster.

Charmy finished yawning and lazily opened his eyes, suddenly he was looking at the ghost monster from before. "Oh right! You were chasing me earlier! What, you still mad?" he asked slightly exhausted. King Boom Boo cowered under the flashing lights still in his mouth.

Charmy reached into his bag and pulled something out, presenting it to the ghost. King Boom Boo stopped cowering for a moment to see what he had in his hand. It was... a bunch of colorful candy. "This was AAAALL ya had to do to avoid me yelling at ya. When you have candy, you share it like this. It's not that hard" Charmy said still a little annoyed.

The ghost looked confused at the small boy's hand, offering something that he owned to something that was trying to kill him. What was this boy? He was so unlike anyone else the ghost king had met. Charmy, annoyed with the silence and the staring of the cowardly ghost, threw the candy in its agape mouth.

"Just take it and leave me alone, alright? I'm going to bed" Charmy nonchalantly said as he yawned again, further damaging King Boom Boo and making him fly away. Charmy continued to fly home, slightly wondering what he was even talking about a second ago. But he dropped that aside, mentally remembering only the best part of today.

"Man, that carnival was fun! I'm going back tomorrow..." he thought to himself as he made it back into his neighborhood, a ghostly monster looking from afar, happily tasting the sugar filled treats he was given by a not-so-bad, bug boy...

Author's Note: So King Boom Boo isn't in very many fics either. Decided to fix that, at least for one chapter. ^^

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