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saintanto Community member
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I need to be smart, and in order to be smart I must be perfect


I like to think that I'm very smart

But the choices I make are rather daft

Mistakes can't be made;

Smart people always get the perfect grade

If people think I'm smart

Then maybe they'd listen to the words I say

As I sit here and pretend to know

Everything about anything,

But let's not kid ourselves; I can barely add two

If I use big words, is that enough

To convince you of my aptitude for books?

Do you ever realize that half the words I say

Don't mean what I think they do?

The pressure to be an Einstein is so great

That anything less than perfect

Will cost me my grade, no room for mistakes

Why the pressure?

Why not let me be a kid for just a second more?

The real world is just around the corner

So let me enjoy my youth

As the minutes pass me by

Instead of pressuring me into being this smartass

Who must always get the perfect score

Or is that simply too much to ask for?

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