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What is life? The existence of which we live? The amount of time we spend breathing? What are we? What is the purpose of our speck of a planet in the vastness of the enormity of space?


Silence. The absence of sound. But even in silence, sound seems to be found. The clicking of keys as you type.

The hum of the air conditioner in the window behind you. It all becomes background noise. Noise, that you become so

Accustomed to that it blends into what we believe to be silence. But like most beliefs, it isn't quite true. And so the simians surrounding us

Fall into a sort of false security, the belief that something is what it actually is not. Supposing you were to discover the you were precisely the

Same oddity and the cognitive dissonance you were accustomed to was not quite what you had interpreted it to be? How would you explain to

The people around you that you weren't what they believed you were? Would you want to risk judgment in lieu of the common acceptance

Family provides? What about the opinions of your peers? Or your friends? If they thought you were something completely different from what

You really were, how would you cope? As common as you think it is, there are often many regular people who harbor these questions.

The questions themselves are almost as petrifying as the realities they convey. Would you need to be a totally different person in order to be

Accepted for what you really were? Worse, what if you couldn't even accept what you were. The simplest and wisest thing a person can do is know themselves.

But, what if you discovered the things you knew to be yourself were actually lies? What if the pain of knowing you were different

But being unable to explain it haunted you every day of your life? What if the woman you called mother felt as distant from you as the next galaxy

Is from ours? Lightyears of difference, a differing DNA sequence, and a pain you couldn't ever get her to fully understand?

By now you're presuming that this is a rambling nonsense written by someone who was high. Maybe you are right. Maybe you are wrong. This really only one way to find out.

This story is meant to scare you. In ways you would never expect to be scared. It's meant to show you a glimpse into realities you think only exist in master horror minds.

Again, you may be right. And you might not be. In discovering what is written here you've already taken the first steps into learning about worlds that are downright vexing.

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