always & forever, until the end❤
always & forever, 
until the end❤ forever stories
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sailoutcece trying to make it in the writing world
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where the superhero is saved.

always & forever, until the end❤

she was a fragile soul with a good heart.

so good in fact, that she gave it out to other people and never left any pieces for herself.

she loved everyone else regardless of if they loved her back.

she cared too much and expected nothing in return.

her smile could light up so many souls and ignite happiness in anyone who looked in her direction, but people took advantage of that.

her eyes could see their way into your heart and heal it, but by doing so, she damaged her own heart.

nobody took the time to look into her precious eyes.

they did not think of her heart.

until she found a friend that saw her worth, her beauty.

she had found someone that she could laugh, cry and smile with at any given time.

she had finally experienced what it was like to be loved unconditionally.

she had received more love from that friend than she had ever given to anyone else.

she was saved.

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