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“Mum I told you I’d do it when I get back”. “Jack you better not leave the house until you’ve tidied your room”.

The key...

“Mum I told you I’d do it when I get back”.

“Jack you better not leave the house until you’ve tidied your room”.

“For fucks sake mum, how many times do I have to say I’ll do it when I get back?”

“Stop making everything so difficult…”

“I’m leaving mum…”




“Yo… give me 5 minutes I’m coming”

As Jack got on the bus, he was thinking back to what happened before he left. He put his hand in his back pocket, he remembered to take the key this time.

With relief Jack put on his headphones and started listening to his music.


“Shit”. Jack missed his stop, he got off on the next stop and had to walk back to his friends. He wasn’t having a good day. The anger inside him was building up, slowly…

“Yo why did you take so long?” said Kevin.

“I missed my stop man, such a piss take” replied Jack.

“Oh that’s peak hahaha” mocked Bella.

While Bella and Kevin were mocking Jack, Freddy was tying his shoelaces.

“Yo Freddy I didn’t even see you fam, what you saying, that jacket is looking hard still”.

“Yo” said Freddy.

Everyone started walking towards the arcade. Freddy held the door open for everyone.

After a few rounds of bowling Freddy got a call… he walked off to answer, the others didn’t even notice he went. After a minute or two he went back to the group.

“Where did you go Freddy?” asked Bella.

“Don’t matter” replied Freddy.

After an intense game of bowling, Freddy offered to take everyone’s shoes back to the counter. “Who got the least points?” asked Jack.

Bella studied the scorecard… “Freddy”.

“Freddy should pay for the food hahaha” said Jack.

Kevin and Bella were against the idea.

“That’s peak allow it” thought Kevin.

As Freddy came back to the group he said he had to go. Everyone was surprised as Freddy never had to leave early.

He safed Kevin, he high fived Bella and he bro hugged Jack… after a short while everyone else wanted to go home because the atmosphere wasn’t the same without Freddy.

Jack called his mum.

RING... RING... RING… No answer…

He called again... No answer…

The rage within Jack was growing more and more.

He left a voicemail shouting “PICK ME UP, WHERE ARE YOU?” At this point Jack just accepted that he would have to walk home because he spent all his money on bowling and his mum wasn’t answering.

Once again putting on his headphones, isolating himself from the world around him. He walked through the dull and dismal fog of the night, thinking about how abysmal his day has been.

He decided to text Freddy to ask why he left early, he checked his phone after a while. It was seen but there was no reply. Jack refreshed the chat...

However it turns out he was blocked… Jack was bemused. Pondering on this unfolding Jack kept walking. Suddenly the music cut out… Jack looked at his phone… it was a call from a private number.

He answered…



The call ended. Jack didn’t think much of it and thought it would just be Bella or Kevin winding him up. He kept on walking through the mist.

His music cut out again… he looked at his phone and this time his battery had died. His day got even worse, but it’s hardly started…

Jack finally got home.

He checks his back pocket for the keys. They aren’t there… he looks frantically in every pocket. No keys… he knocks on the door. He knocks again… no answer yet again.

He shouts for his mum to open the door. But she doesn’t answer. Out of frustration Jack punched the door…


Jack anxiously stepped in, lightly on his feet. Looking around in shock. It was a mess… there was clothes scattered everywhere. There were scuff marks on the floorboards.

There were shards of glass gleaming in the moonlight. He took off his jacket and hung it on the hooks. As he was turning away something caught his eyes… Freddy’s jacket was also hooked…

Jack went on to the living room. He saw his mum’s pearls glistening on the floor.

He picked them up by the thread, the pearls winded down the thread and bounced on the floor, rolling around the room.

Jack was lost. Lost in his thoughts. Lost in his mind…

Feeling dizzy and burning up. Jack walked unsteadily out of the living room gazing at the floor. He walked on and on… his vision was blurred.

He forgot to take his medicine… There was a distinctive red trail leading into the kitchen. He squinted hard, it was blood... Jack looked up at the ceiling and fell to his knees.

“Get up Jack, wake up”

He was hearing voices in his head. He didn’t know what to do. He mustered up the strength to get back up on his feet.

He wobbled towards the sink, he turned on the tap and splashed the cold water on his face. He took his hands away from his face, he looked at his hands…

Red… Covered in blood. Jack started crying in agony.

“What have I done” he screamed.

He fell to the floor and looked on into the corridor.


“Hurry officer”



“Help… please”



“Mum? Mum! I’m sorry… please…”

He crawled out the kitchen and somehow his mum was lying beside him.

Jack joyfully got on to his knees and looked at his mum. Her eyes were closed, bruised and swollen. Her clothes were soaked in blood. A tear trickled down Jack’s face.

He held her in his arms and dropped his head into her chest.


The door abruptly opens... light beams in.

“Are you Jack?”

“Yes” he said wearily.


“You’re under arrest, on suspicion of murder.”


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