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sageofsilence Community member
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This is all you have.


Don't open your mouth as you shut the door behind you, sit down quick and close your eyes. Find your penance in the caverns of your pockets and show yourself what you know needs to be done.

Stop crying. Listen to the words swirling around in your head and know that they are right and you deserve to hurt.

Don't hesitate, bite your lip and suck in air as the stinging creeps up your thighs, burning hot and sweet and just on your skin. This is all you need, don't you ever forget it.

You can calm the raging winds that whistle through your ears so long as you breathe and keep going.

Don't stop; don't put that blade down even for a moment, for every second you aren't repenting you trick yourself into thinking you're okay and you are not okay.

You never have been and you never will be. These tear stained nights shaking on the toilet seat are all you'll ever deserve.

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