It's Been A Week
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safetyrepublic I want to get back on writing poetry!
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I wrote this for a poetry slam and I won first place! It is about a breakup I had.

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It's Been A Week

It's been a week.

Since you left me, it's been hard.

I remember i cried all the way home,

And when i got home, I deleted all those pictures.

Us kissing, photos you took of me, screenshots of cute snaps you sent me calling me beautiful and gorgeous. Saying "every time i see you, i get more attracted to you."

(That was the one that always made me smile, im not gonna lie.)

I remember our first kiss, that was something else.

But I should've caught on before,

Who kisses with tongue on the first date?

Like you wanted another girl's taste but i must've not been your favorite flavor.

I remember when we would go to the park and make out, and i always made sure i wore your favorite color underneath my clothes, it always made you excited.

But let's be honest, let's talk about how angry i am.

You were acting so different on my birthday, but i thought it was because you were gonna ask me to prom, because you told a lot of people you "REALLY wanted to take me."

But on my birthday, i was so comfortable with you that i showed my skin and you said that you loved the view.

And you played with your favorite color and that got me excited.

But the next day at the train station,

You didn't have the courage to say it,

I had to interpret your hand signals.

And i just left, because i didn't want to talk to you.

It's been a week since i talked to you,

I still don't want to talk to you.

You don't want to either, i bet.

You wanna talk to the girl you left me for.

You wanna be with her,

Cause you can't get over her.

I can't shame you for that,

Took me a while to get over the one before you.

But i never,

Not once,

Dated you as a distraction.

I don't think you even liked me,

I think you used me to get over someone.

I think you would think of her when we were together.

Now if i could be honest,

I could ruin your life.

But you know im too nice to do anything like that.

Because I don't wish ill will towards people.

And please take that as a compliment because I can't believe i just called you a human.

It's too bad you left someone like me.

Because im not just great,

Im powerful.

Im the one you are never going to forget.

Im the one you gonna keep thinking about when you're across the country and you meet someone else and you compare her to me and wonder why you left me.

But babe,

If you ever want to come back and be with me,

And you want us to start over.

And you want us to make it work.

And you want us to be happy together...

It's not gonna happen.

Because I don't want some pathetic lowlife begging me back,

And if you haven't noticed,

Im actually worth something

even though I was nothing to you.

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