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sadtrashbag 17 without a clue.
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here i go spinning into little pieces again, pieces like petals i’ll dust over your haze

my mind's summer

here i go spinning into little pieces again,

pieces like petals i’ll dust over your haze

pieces like animal bone you suck on when there’s nothing else

around on rabbithole saturdays diving deep to feel a little something unreal, losing ourselves,

stuck inside my ribs, my apathy, my cracked concrete, i find you intertwined

pieces like glass i left broken in the outermost parts of your mind

you’ll forget and step on me, feel a tug grit your teeth then learn to step over me

i seem to beg for a reply, for you to come trailing behind the crumbs i’m leaving

but you’re so predictable and i’m so predictable because nobody is willing to

live like a movie but god-willing i’ll be a goddamn surprise party

hardly, i’m just as dull and boring darling--monotony is a cycle and my hands are aching to break

but everything is afraid

i want to knock my head down from the heavens and fall into your version of earth,

a million miles away from mine, biting into reality like a sour apple rebirth

but i’ll just keep on breathing through those blurry dandelion fuzzies drifting in my mind’s summer,

rusted swing sets, that morning dreamy smell, innocence feels like another world

i see now like a memory, moments to add to my nostalgia collection

you used to look a whole lot like god but i’m gonna have to stop wishing you could hear my thoughts,

i’m turning to ruin--your silence splinters off ignorance, my loose grip on translating and hiding is crumbling me

but you’ll never know cause you got sick and tired of swallowing my melodrama

and i got sick and tired of thinking about you i want to think, i want to write about something bigger

but this is all i know and i’m no pretender unless you count faking feeling real

and grounded, i’m home now in distance.

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