//manic pixie dream girl//

       //manic pixie dream girl// freeverse stories

sadtrashbag 17 without a clue.
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short raw cliche poetry. can't get you out of my overly obsessive mind and i need you now.

//manic pixie dream girl//

baby, darling, goddamn

you're making my head spin, split,

wrap around my limbs

twist up my stomach

sweet nothings--i'm becoming a cliche,

feeling heavier than i weigh.

i think i just might like the idea of you

let me spill a little of my mess onto you

cross the 3, 937 miles over to you.

i don't think i'll mean any of this in another week

but i wanna drink it up while it's still sweet,

while my knees still get weak.

maybe i'm faking, maybe you only exist in my daydreams

but i hope you mean it too.

honey, sweetheart, goddamn

i'm gonna choke on these butterflies

i'll be your psychopathic, anxiety-fueled heart attack

you'll be my reason to float, reason to straighten my back

kill my nerves, bury my insecurities

make you real

come a little closer till it's gone,

till i need another fantasy to latch on.

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