doomed lust
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a selection of poems about my crush. a crush that shouldn't happen, but is happening,

doomed lust

doomed lust

it almost felt like we were meant to be,

us alone in the kitchen,

in complete darkness but in comfort,

i only asked for a hug,

you held me as if the world was on fire,

as if we were about to die,

your arms around me you never dared pull away,

you swayed me slowly,

as if i was a baby trying to fall asleep,

and you asked if i liked it,

and i mean of course i did,

it was you,

you responded by kissing me on the head,

it felt like nothing i'd ever felt before,

i just wanted to pull you closer,

even though our bodies were entwined,

and i don't know if it meant anything to you,

but it meant everything to me,

you told me i would be the main attraction that night,

and i didn't dare ask what you meant,

in case i had it all wrong,

and i still might have it wrong,

but i have found this comfort,

like never before,

and i hope that you too,

will feel the same for me,

one day,

everything is temporary,

but i want this to be real,

- my crush

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