how was your day?
how was your day? sad stories

sadshitandstuff ƒяιєη∂ѕ ¢αℓℓ мє ѕα∂
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how was your day?

sooooooo, i actually had a great day today (i guess it was yesterday now) so i didn’t post anything sad but i wanna hear about your day.

no matter where, when, or how you see this, you have to comment how you are doing. i don’t care if you don’t want to. if you don’t want to, explain. please. i want to help if you are having a bad day.

i want to celebrate with you when you have a good day.

just please comment. or message me. 😁 i’ll be happy anyway. i’m just bored and i wanna talk to a random stranger about how they are doing in life!! you know what i mean?

you ever just wanna randomly help someone or something but then your like “oh nevermind because i’m too young or don’t have enough money” or something like that? that’s LITERALLY how i feel all the time.

i was driving around with my dad and there was this little kitten running across the street. it dove under a fence to this house but i don’t think it lived there. i wanted to go back so badly but i can’t drive 😣 and can’t have a cat. 😭

ANYWAY, just wanted to check in on you and how you are doing. again, you HAVE to message me or comment on this post if you see it about how your day went or how you are doing (or both).

ok, that’s it!! love you all! ~sadshitandstuff

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