chills (chapter 5)
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¨chills¨ chapter 5

chills (chapter 5)

so, i don't exactly know what happened to chapter 4 that i posted a couple of days ago but here is a quick recap.

Griffin is exploring his father's office in his childhood home and calls his friend Alyx to help because he has a camera and they are close friends.

Alyx refers to "the group" which makes Griffin comment about highschool. Griffin then tells Alyx his plan to find who murdered Her and Alyx agrees to help.

later that night, Alyx texts Griffin that Cali (another friend of their's) thinks it is a good idea to get back together.

although Griffin originally thought it was a bad idea, Cali's response to it changed his thinking.

in this chapter, i will introduce more characters that are part of "the group" from their high school. this is a flashback to their senior high school days. this is like chapter 4 with mostly dialogue to get to know the characters better.


[senior year of highschool]

"all i said was that she was hot! i Never said i liked her or anything like that. cant i say someone is attractive without having to like them?"

"you can but in this school, you know anything said as that will just be twisted into something completely different." i say to Alyx.

we were both fawning over the new girl. she was literally perfect which is why i stayed clear of her. i figured everywhere she went drama would follow, and i wasn't wrong.

at lunch that day everyone else was either drooling or jealous. was she really that special? i walked to the tree i usually sit by during lunch and Alyx and Blake followed.

i reached the lowest branch and swung myself on top of it. i plopped my backpack down by my side and pulled out a book.

Alyx and Blake sat below me practicing their lines for the school play's tryouts.

"so, you still trying out for the main part Blake?"

"yeah,¨ she replied. ¨but i think she is going to go out for it too."

"you know, Cali's not so bad once you get to know her." Alyx chimed in.

"sure, like you got to know her. you still dream of her knowing your name." Blake replies referring to yesterday when she called him "Aaron".

"you're just jealous because she doesn't notice you."

"pffff. like i want her to notice me!" she laughs.

"can you guys stop talking about her? im reading and shouldn't you guys be practicing anyway?" i ask.

"ugh, i cant believe my mom is making me sign up for this shit. she thinks i should ´make friends´. like i have you guys!"

"i think she means people other than us Alyx." i finally join in. "and Blake, you Totally like her. its obvious. almost as obvious as Alyx liking her."

¨i dont like her!¨ Alyx yells. but i look at him with a slight head-tilt and he confesses, ¨maybe a little bit...¨

Blake blushes, "wait, but is it really that obvious i like her?"

"duhhhh." Alyx gushes.

the bell rings and our conversation ends. our next class is social studies, the only class we have all together. Cali was also in that class.

we walk together and sit down just as the second bell rings. i look around but don't see her. then i see her. she silently walks in and starts taking to the teacher.

what the hell could she be talking to the teacher about? the teacher looks... sad? why is the teacher sad? he is THE strictest teacher in the school and never shows sympathy for anyone. the three of us all look at each other at the same time. huh?

she sits down after and the teacher doesn´t say anything about her tardiness. i sneak a peek at her again.

that´s when i find her eyes locked with mine.

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