chills - character descriptions
chills - character descriptions horror stories

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please read this post if you have read my story ¨chills¨!!!!!!!!!

chills - character descriptions

here is a quick description of each character that i have introduced so far and will in chapter 7 that i am posting very very very very very soon (sorry for the delay)!

also, to describe the time switches in each chapter, in current time, they are all about 23 except for Sam who is 26. they are all (except Sam) just out of college. in an earlier chapter, Griffin ran away which was when he was 15 (8 years ago). high school flashbacks are senior year when they are all about 18 (except Sam).

Sam didn´t go to college and stayed with Cali which will explain why he is a part of the ¨group¨ in later chapters.

Griffin Sullivan (the main character) age: 23 (current time) looks: dark hair and eyes sport: none specifically hobbies: skating, biking, reading personality: calm, relaxed, deep, clever color to describe personality: shadow gray

Cali age: 23 (current time) looks: dirty blonde hair, not sure what eye color sport: surfing hobbies: writing, singing personality: light, cheerful, passionate, kind color to describe personality: tuscany yellow

Alyx age: 23 (current time) looks: dark curly hair, dark eyes, glasses sport: none hobbies: gaming, photography, computer-related things personality: smart, quiet, focused, modest color to describe personality: kelly green

Blake age: 23 (current time) looks: auburn hair, light brown eyes sport: diving hobbies: acting, singing, improv personality: determined, hard-working, daring color to describe personality: thulian pink

Sam (Cali´s brother) age: 26 (current time) looks: blond hair, green eyes sport: racing hobbies: mechanic, gambling, painting personality: adventurous, independent, daredevil color to describe personality: prussian blue

Owen (Griffin´s brother) i added him in this post last minute age: would be 24 (a year older than Griffin) *deceased* no information about him except relating to Griffin

the group stereotypes: Griffin is just average. haha poor Griffin Cali is the ¨popular new girl¨. Alyx is the ¨computer nerd¨. Blake is the ¨theatre geek¨. Sam is the ¨bad boy¨ (but older). there will be other characters but just not in this group.

right now, i am open to having any character like/date any other character. i haven't determined sexualities for any of them.

so far, you have gotten glimpses to high school memories, Griffin´s memories when he ran away, and current time chapters. She has been killed. Griffin is figuring out who killed Her but he is currently taking a break from the murder mystery to meet up with his old high school group ´cause why not. a flashback to high school has introduced Blake and Cali and a later one shows more of... -->

Griffin and Cali´s first encounters.

what you will later read: you will find out who ¨She¨ is. you will get some high school flashbacks with the police chase scenes. you will read another segment of Griffin´s runaway attempt. you will get to read from Cali´s point of view (maybe others). how the group met each other. another glance at the man in the sheriff´s office. you will learn who the murderer is.

im not sure how many chapters total this will be but don't expect me to drag this on forever because i wont.

also... if anyone on here is an artist and has read ¨chills¨, it would be absolutely amazing if you could draw or sketch or paint a character (or characters) and how you see them. this is just for me to see how you imagine them and if i got their vibe right in the story.

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