9 things (to me) that give off G O O D V I B E S
9 things (to me) that give off 

      G O O D
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9 things (to me) that give off G O O D V I B E S

so, i hope im not the only one but these things just make me feel good for no damn reason.

1. bare feet on the grass. like just ahhhhhhh.

2. when your inside a car and its raining and you're just vibing to music... AHHHHHHHHHHH.

3. at night (during the holidays) when your Christmas tree (if you celebrate Christmas) lights up and you can see the lights in the reflection of a window. i don't know why but it makes it feel even more like C H R I S T M A S.

4. trying on shoes. anyone else? i haven't tried on shoes in so long but i loved putting them on and walking around and checking my new K I C K S in the mirrors.

5. walking in warm sand. too hot or too cold is just N O. especially near the docks where there are sticks all over, just N O. but WALKING in WARM sand WITHOUT sticks is just, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

6. driving through a tunnel at night. okay, if anyone argues with this, just go away.

7. when someone genuinely compliments you/laughs at something you said. anyone would feel good after being genuinely complimented but just thought i should add this.

8. listening to Christmas music in October. just don't ask.

9. singing at night either outside or in a car with the music cranking. or just at any time in a room by yourself. especially with good A C O U S T I C S

these are just some random (and not so random) things that make me happy for no reason (some with reason).

okay, have a good day! love you guys! ~sadshitandstuff

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