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sadnessembodied I'm the vessel for sadness.
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I wrote this, it's bad sorrryy! Hahahah


The way you feel doesn't matter.

It only matters what others think of you.

If your heart is blackened by people you thought were friends, people who were supposed to be nurturing,

Then it's your job to fix it.

If you have been hurt before, it's your fault

You should have seen the warning signs.

And as you recite these words, the damaging thoughts to yourself,

Remember that your brain is a bastard.

Someone who wants you to think about the darkness behind you.

There's a light.

Just turn around.

It is hard, and you may need to abandon those you considered friends to leave the ones that you consider destructive to your wellbeing.

But after you must leave them behind,

The light at the end of the tunnel has so many more for you.

Feel your chest rising. Feel your heart beating. Notice the clothes on your back.

Take a sip of water. Feel your skin. Let a word, no, even a sound out of your mouth.

Don't wipe away the tears. Let them remain for a bit.

Did you do it?

That's how you know you're alive. That's how you know that you are breathing, you remain on this Earth.

Your feelings are black.

Grab your dye, because we will make things better together.

I promise.

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