The Night That Changed My Life
The Night That Changed My Life stories

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The night that changed one guy's life forever

The Night That Changed My Life

by sadisticlipstic

That night I got way too drunk. I was having way too much fun. Or at least I thought I was.

She was standing across the room, drink in hand, and laughing with her best friend. She was my vision of perfection.

Somehow I got lucky and she seemed to notice me. Maybe the alcohol gave me enough confidence to appear open to her.

During our conversation, my vision of perfection got clearer and clearer by the second. Her laugh sounded like an angel and her hair was fixed just right.

Eventually we kissed. Her lips were so soft. When we pulled apart she giggled. It was so sexy.

That night changed my life for multiple reasons. Number 1 being I found the love of my life in the girl I thought was too perfect for me

And 2 being I found someone to have a family with. To be my best friend and my wife.

I will never forget that night.

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