TRYING NOT TO LOVE YOU heartbreak stories

sadelanay Community member
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how d you deal with rejection and a broken heart that won't heal


trying not t love you because I'm to broken to feel right now

trying not to love you because I've been through enough

I've had enough heartbreak, lies and pain to go through this repeated cycle of feeling broken and dismissed.

it hurt to love you, especially knowing that you don't feel the same way.

I'm being lying to myself, " telling myself that everything is ok" that I'm ok

I plaster on a smile in front of you, I laugh at it like it doesn't hurt and pretend like it never happened

it hurts....

seeing you with someone else, you loving someone the same way that I love you

it hurts being around without actually being with you

i feel so broken because you turned me down, i poured all my emotions into your hands and you just,

you rejected me and then went about your day like what you said didn't affect me

like it shouldn't affect me but I love you

and I still do

I don't know how to get over you

as friends I thought that we had such a connection, so much that it could be more

so much that I wanted to explore what we had but you said " we were nothing more then best friends and that yu didn't feel the same way I did.

that hurt

I don't knw how not to love you

to not look at you and see everything I love, adore and care for. something so special that I never want to let go of.

I felt like our love would've been sooo special but you didn't see what I saw.

you fond someone you did love, a soulmate you said and then you got married and my heart shattered into pieces.

I couldn't explain how broken hearted I was

yet I'm still trying not to love you

trying not to cry when I see you together

trying not to cry when you talk about her

it hurts trying not to love you but it hurts even more,

trying not to love you.

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