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many years ago i tried to write a fansty novel, here the first page. maybe ill visit it again someday


Valkyrie watched her father walk pasted his men in the gallery towards his throne that was seated at the end of the room. The throne glistened in the sunlight as he swiftly sat down.

His men looked at him, waiting for his voice to fill the room.

He was wearing a long-sleeved green cotton tunic, he trousers were black, and on his feet, he wore leather boots, Not very impressive attire for a king.

He crossed his legs and spoke calmly,“ We all know why we’re gathered today”. He paused. There were about 5 from his council, one person from the army and couple of others milling about.

The throne room had banners from the roof to the floor of red fabric with a ‘bloodhound’ as the old folk called it. The back wall was the map of the world; the center of it was the Capital.

In the north where the map was covered in snow was Liontooth, in the south where the never-ending summer was Loveday, each of these places were in separate kingdoms. Or use to be.

King Lakeland is seated in the Capital who overthrown all the other kingdoms.

Her father, César Bloodhawk soon to be the last king in Freygate.

“King Lakeland has declared war on us”, her father spoke so calmly it gave her chills. He uncrossed his legs and shifted his body to the edge of the throne

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