I think too much for my age.
I think too much for my age. essay stories
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sadchild An lost wander and writer of sorts
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Part of a personal essay about overthinking, confusion and psychosis.

I think too much for my age.

by violandviolin

Pretending my life has meaning, pretending I'm okay when I'm not, pretending to pretend, it's kinda of like acting, I'm good at that, I like to think

think too much for my age. I think about my past. I think about how I am feeling now, but hardly ever the future and if I do it's romanised daydream of me being happy, taller, skinnier,with a boy

maybe in a mildly successful field I desire.. I feel different to others. I feel like a wanker. I feel angry, I wonder if I even feel love? What if my feels aren't the same as other ?

what if the feeling I thought I had, are not real because I never had them ? Sociopath comes to mind. But I have empathy. I'm just so tired of thinking so intensely like I have to have the answer

to why my brain is like this every single time.

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