I Don't Know.
I Don't Know. sad stories

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I don't hate myself, I just want to be loved.

I Don't Know.

I don’t know whats wrong with me.

Is it my hair, my personality, my music, my humor or lack thereof?

I don’t know.

I try, and I try very hard.

To fit in, to make people happy to make people like me.

I don’t know how to do that.

Everyone has something they’re good at.

I don’t know what my something is.

I’m not funny, I’m not fast, I’m not coordinated, I’m not good looking.

What am I then?

I could not tell you.

If I had to choose a work off the top of my head, it would be…


I don’t know my purpose in life, I don’t know why I am here.

It seems like people are figuring it out.

I am just as confused as ever.

It is like the world is taunting me, holding happiness just out of reach.

I lunge for it, and it is pulled away.

I ask for it, it is refused.

I steal it, and it is stolen back.

It is a cruel laugh each time, a haunting laugh.

Every rejection, every loss, every defeat.

Every time.

When will it end?

It is not that I hate myself.

Each day I wake up and want to be a better me, and I do it.

My hair, my personality, my music, my humor.

I am content with me.

So why is nobody else?

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