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A poem about what could have been, had it been....


She was more than what I had bargained for;

Foolhardily, and unsurprisingly,

We were enthused by the mere feeling of being around each other;

As young as we were,

We were old enough to comprehend the graveness of the situation;

We were self-aware of the sins we were about to indulge in;

And as outright outrageous as it may seem,

I outlandishly and outreasoningly let her built her city around me;

She built her arches and pillars and cylindrical walls,

While I obeyed, like a law abiding citizen.

She had had her fair share of secrets, as did I;

Our grievances outweighed the glee,

And, rightfully,

Our cruelest thoughts overshadowed our exuberance of newfound company;

Needless to say, our heedless chivalry of overlooking the obvious

Had only brought everlasting misery to our already miserable lives.

My hair turned grey,

As she gently tried to sob away, in silence, her agony of being alone,

Even though she really wasn't;

And I, for once, tried not to comfort her,

For I, for once, was distressed the same.

Despite the desperation,

We could simply let our reality get the better of our fantasies.

Not a word spoken;

We dwelt, and dueled, and dwelt, and dueled.

She simply had less to offer than what I would have bargained for.

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