Back to Sleep by ArtWriter
Back to Sleep

by ArtWriter
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sadafaf It's all true and it's all real
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Back to Sleep

Back to Sleep by ArtWriter

Teen, unseen, feign in pain

My brain losses the thing that makes me sane

How long

does it last?

The high of this sight

before my eyes.

You look like a dream that can't be unseen

but is it just me?

You transform out of the norm

Where is it?

What happened to it?

I shake as you wake me from my dream

There you are and all I see are your eyes

Your raise your hands and kiss your knuckles

not me.

Right before they make contact with my cheek.

Feign in pain; my brain losses its sane

Loss my consciousness as the story repeats

and you raise it high again before my eyes

as I go back to sleep.

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