Behind Rainbow Eyes (Prologue)
Behind Rainbow Eyes (Prologue) romance stories

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Rebecca Morgan (or Recca as she prefers to be called) is starting a new life after her father remarries and gains custody of her. Along the way, she meets three boys, each suffering from their own problems, and forms a fast friendship with them. Will their troubles make or break them as they venture through life together?


Behind Rainbow Eyes (Prologue)

"Embrace the glorious mess that you are." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"Recca! Earth to Recca! Our flight is gonna leave soon! Hurry up!"

I groaned in annoyance as my father yelled for me. Did he have to be so damn loud? We're in an airport where saying the word bomb makes people think you're a terrorist.

As for Recca, that's what most people call me. Others call me Revy and yes that's a reference to what you're thinking about. My real name is Rebecca. Rebecca Jeanne Morgan.

Since your nosy ass has so many questions, you're probably gonna ask where I'm going and why I'm moving.

Long story short: I'm moving from California to Colorado to live with my dad and his new wife. Why? Because my mother is an abusive, disgusting cunt.

I had to live with her for so long after my dad dumped her sorry ass (for another woman no less) because of how bitter she was and her overall shitty personality in general.

But when I turned 16, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began recording her abusive tirades and documented every bad thing that she did to me.

Not to mention her constant boyfriends that would try to get fresh with me.

The side of my face still hurts every time I think of the time she hit me with a liquor bottle and yes it shattered when it made contact with my skin.

Luckily I had my now ex-boyfriend who patched me up and took care of my injuries after taking pictures of them.

Fast forward to a year later, I managed to contact my dad and showed all of the evidence I had documented. This lead to us going to court and my dad finally getting custody of me.

My mom was put in jail where she belongs and as for my boyfriend, we broke up when he graduated high school but it was fun while it lasted and there were no hard feelings between us.

Thank God too because I don't need drama like that in my life.

Now here we are boarding an hour and a half flight, getting ready to start a new life.

"Have you ever been to Colorado Recca?"

Enter my new stepmother Kira. She's a cop and so far I really like her.

She's everything that my mother wasn't and while I'm not fully ready to open up to her (or anyone for that matter), I'm glad that my dad upgraded and married a woman who actually deserves him.

"No I haven't. I haven't really been outside of California."

I know, I know.

How pathetic was that? But what'd you expect from someone who grew up in a fucked up home? Not really wanting to continue this small talk, I took out my phone and put my headphones on.

Time to go into my own little world and ignore everyone else around me. Goodbye California, Hello Colorado. My old life is ending and my new one is just beginning.

Little did I know, I was in for probably the wildest ride of my life.

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