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Here you are my fellow performer How's life on the stage

My Performer

Here you are my fellow performer How’s life on the stage?

I wonder if you admire my involvement in such

And the innocence for my age

I adore you from a distance

Longing for our eyes to meet

For your hand in mine

Twirling to a number of our own

You start the beat with a clap of your hands

A subtle smile I give as my castanets click

My heart's thump is in sync with the tempo

We're caught up in a whirlwind, our flamenco

The passion in your eyes sets my soul ablaze

I respond with the dramatic hoist and rustle of my skirt

Our grasp meets once again and I'm airborne

A few more twirls around this stage and we end

Sealing this act with me frozen in your embrace

My dear performer may I have this dance

I ask you silently with wishful eyes

Would you give me a few moments of you

A few that would last me a lifetime

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