A Mere Matter of Time
A Mere Matter of Time romance stories

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About a time when I yearned for the slow dance of a lifetime with a man that made his mark on my heart...if only he knew that

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A Mere Matter of Time

The lights are dim, the music soft It’s her cue to leave the floor For she is alone as always in waiting for him

You'd think after a few years she'd avert her eyes

Sitting by candlelight she watches the other couples

With wistful eyes she glances ahead and notices him His expressions more serious as he with friends converses

She's curious now, but turns her head quickly to be unseen

The irony of it

About to give up on hope she's startled by his presence

Heart beating faster she listens to that long awaited question

She happily and elegantly responds yes, giving him her hand

She feels as if she's floating as he guides her She doesn’t know why he now chooses her but she doesn’t care

For she finally is in his arms, gazing into his angelic eyes That smile won’t fade from her face and he is well aware

He twirls her knowing he sets her soul soaring She all the more follows his lead in love with every step

He then gently allows her to rest against him To indulge in his love, his romance, his care For he always felt for her

'Twas a mere matter of time

That would pass before he could fully give himself Away to one that asked for so little yet deserved it all

As the song closes he holds her tight Certain that she is unsure of this moment’s promise He knows that he may be able only to give her now

But still he does all he can to soothe her heart She receives his affections and is renewed by them For her dreams came true if only for tonight

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