Voldemort's daughter.
Voldemort's daughter. witches-and-wizards stories

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What if Voldemort had a daughter before he died?
And what if she was going to school at Hogwarts?

Voldemort's daughter.

25th September

Dear dad,

It's hard going to a school where I can't be myself. No one knows the truth, no one knows that my father was the worst wizard that ever lived. No one knows that my father is Voldemort.

Harry Potter is the new headmaster.

He is a good person, why were you so obsessed to kill him or anyone else? Couldn't you just live your life, get married, and stay to see your daughter grow up?

It's my first year at Hogwarts. The sorting hat placed me in Gryffindor and luckily didn't reveal who I really am. Hopefully this means that I won't grow up to be like you.

I just- I can't understand. Why did you even have me if you didn't want me? Why leave me this burden to carry? It's not fair!

At school we are learning about you. If your intention was to end up in history books, then congratulations, you did it. We are studying what you did.

You did horrible things! Unspeakable things! I am so mad at you! And it's not good for me to get mad.

I don't know why but if something bothers me, and I just ignore it, then, when I've had enough, I can't control my magic, everything around me starts shaking and braking.

In moments like this, I have to get out. When I feel that I am gonna burst, I run into the forest as fast as my legs allow and once I am far enough, I scream as loud as I can. So... pretty loud!

There is one good thing about this school. A boy. Rafael. He is Gryffindor too, and he is so cute! I like him, and we went out last week. I had the best time! Until he asked me about my family.

I had to lie to him, I told him that there is nothing special about me, I am just Rose Jones. I hate lying to people I care about.

You know, when I was younger, I was so angry at Harry for killing you, but now, now If you were still here, I'd kill you myself. Because of you I have to lie, because of you I can't be myself.


14th February

Dear dad,

I don't know what to do. They found out. They found out I am your daughter. Mom came to the school, she was under a spell. She was commanded to kill your daughter, so she came looking for me.

I had to kill her, because there was nothing I or anyone could have done to break the spell. And now everyone hates me. Everyone thinks that I am like you.

The only person that's on my side is the guy you were obsessed on killing. Harry Potter. He and his family have been so nice to me.

They told me to give it time, that they are scared of me because of you and that once they feel safe, they'll be my friends and forget about you.

Even if that's true, I will always remember that you are my father. I will always have your genes in me. I will hate you for the rest of my days. So not for much longer.

Before mum died, she managed to inject me with a mix of the 10 most dangerous poisons in the world. I am dyeing. Well, at least everyone will fell safe again.

21st March

Dear dad,

Surprise! I am still alive. It turns out that the Potters were right. Everyone has forgiven me and once they learnt that I was dying they all worked together to find a cure and they did.

Just in time. I can't believe it! They trust me. I finally have a family that loves me as much as I love them.

I started writing these letters because I was feeling alone. And it's not like I could talk to the home professor. So I started writing to you. But now I don't need to anymore.

I am not angry anymore. All I needed to do was be myself, and trust that everything would be fine. Now, I am finally free of the cage I had build. I can live my life the way I want it.

Goodbye dad.

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