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When I was kid, I believed in superheroes...

the gray lane

When I was kid, I believed in superheroes.

The types of people who had special abilities who were out to save the world from an alien invasion while usually wearing a super cool spandex outfit.

I also thought villains were the worst. I thought they were cruel, heartless souls who just needed chaos.

Now, to be honest, all I think they really needed was therapy.

Black and white. That's what was instilled into the very depths of our moral compass. You can either be a good person or a bad person. At least... that's what I thought.

Because as I grow older, I see things that my eight year old self could never understand. She could have never understood why someone would rob a convenience store just to steal a bag of chips. Or why someone would lie to their own flesh and blood.

Because that little girl, who thought life was as simple as yes or no, never saw anything more than what was shown.

Now...that little girl is just a faint ghost of my past, who I miss dearly, but she departed at the right time.

As I see more people struggle with their own ghosts while I walk these crowded streets, I ponder over this same question today.

Is it really as simple as black and white? Is it really either good or evil?

Because, in that case, where do I even stand?

So, here's the only answer that I can even fathom.

In between this black and white, there's a space. A space that you start to move into slowly as you grow up. I'll call it the gray lane. This is where most people actually are.

No one is completely evil or completely good. You may be a superhero to a lot, but that doesn't mean you are not a villain to a couple people either.

And, if that's really the only answer I can come up with, that means that the villain in my life, who haunts my mind with his evil smirks and snarky answers,who mercilessly snaps back with cruel retorts...

... he could be a good guy to others.

So, in short, the moral of the story is that everyone needs a little bit of therapy. What else can we do?

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