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Don't make assumptions about people. Everyone has their own struggles.

half the story

Words hurt. You and I both know that. So, why would you say something like that?

Do you know her backstory? Do you why she is the way she is?

Do you know that every night, she helps her brother with his homework so he doesn't get made fun of at school? Because her mom is busy working night shifts so that they can afford rent.

Do you know that the reason she failed that test was because she had to work overtime in order to help pay for the electric bill?

Do you know that the reason she fell asleep in class was because last night she had to stay up taking care of her brother who had gotten food poisoning ?

Yet, she still volunteers every Thursday at the local senior center. She still makes sure that her grades are decent.She still can work two jobs in order to make sure she can save enough cash to pay for college.

YOU are the one who's the problem here. You can't say this stuff about her because you only know half the story.

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