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What a ridiculous phrase...

damsel in distress

A damsel in distress,

What a ridiculous phrase

As if I would need your saving, get your story straight.

I don't need a charming prince on his trusty steed.

Because I have got everything I need.

My legs have carried me through the harshest storms.

My voice is powerful enough to create a roar.

My mind is the only thing that was there for me when I was down, and when you let me be.

I was the one who healed myself through my darkest time. I patched up my own wounds and wiped off the grime.

So, don't try to sweep me off my feet. Because I will fight back.

I'm not a trophy to be won. I deserve to live my own life, but wait I'm not done.

I'm tired of being the flavor of the day and then tossed on the floor.

As if I was some dirty laundry and nothing much more.

All I ask is that you treat me with the same respect.

Because I am not a damsel in distress.

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