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She tore those pages out, ripping them till the spine.

b r o k e n book

you joke around and laugh about it with me on our FaceTime

but I can see the way you shifted your camera to only showing your eyes and above,

in hopes that I won't notice your quivering lips or your fidgeting hands.

Eyes glossing over as you talk about who your go-to person once was,

you gave them the book of your life, your stories and secrets

and stared as she flipped through the pages, pouring over the details

and then gave that book to her for safekeeping.

Of it course it was a shock when she tore those pages out, ripping them till the spine, and tossing them into the fire.

Because it hurt. And you couldn't imagine that she would hurt you. But, the piercing glass bubble around you had to shatter.

But, you cannot shut people out because of her. That would mean you would let her win. That would mean you admit defeat.

A wise one once told me that in order to heal, you have to let it hurt. Let it hurt. And then, let it go.

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