Born This Way
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s6pkr ???
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Maybe if I was born right, I'd be closer to you.

Born This Way

Is it okay to like you?

After all, this is all just in my head right? Hormones and my genetics...

You know what one divided by twenty is? That's what they're saying I am.

Just the five percent in the world that was born a defect.

And it hurts, my body tells me to be around you, to see your smile more clearly than anyone else-

My mind tells me that I like you, I can't help but like you.

I'm scared, actually. I want to tell you before I go, but would you still stick around knowing I feel this way?

If I'm happy around you, can it be said that you would feel the same?

I won't ever know since I can't confess my feelings-

With you asking me about whether or not I have a girlfriend.

So I'll just say that I was unlucky and the five percent got to me.

Sorry for being born.

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