Tend. The. Wound.
Tend. The. Wound. fight stories

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We all fight. We all bleed. We don't all heal.

Tend. The. Wound.

You will fight.

Disagree. Argue. Yell. Say things you really shouldn't have said.

Most likely because you or the one you love, has wronged.

Most likely because you or the one you love, has wronged. Lied. Cheated. Betrayed. Done something that they really shouldn't have done.

It doesn't really matter. It is inevitable.

What matters is once the deed has been done. Once the fight has been had.

Do you tend to the wound. Treat it. Care for it. Heal it.

If you do, it will fade and then without even calling attention to itself, it will dissapear as if was never there in the first place.

Alternatively, you can ignore it. Hate it.

It will scar.

It will scar. Forever a reminder of the wrong-doing, festering until infected.

Toxic. Ugly. Riddled with negativity.

Untreated, it will repulse you so much and trigger such disgust, that you cannot help.

But lash out at the wound. Savage it.

Over and over again. Blood will be spilled.

And tears. Scars build upon scars.

You'll forget what the fight was about and instead fight about the fight you had before and the fight that's still to come.

Till there is no fight.

Till there is no fight. No winner.

Till there is no fight. No winner. Just loss.

Thank you for reading. And.. FOLLOW IF YOU DARE I promise to make it worth your while ;-)

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