Day five of nine
Day five of nine dementia stories

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Dementia is framed as burdensome. It is something deep-down, we all fear. Part six of a series I've written while my caring for my elderly mother.

Day five of nine

Dementia is framed as burdensome.

I think it is something we all would admit.

We fear.

I cannot think of anything.

I fear more.


For losing my loved ones.

So I now see it is ironic.



That my fear of dementia.

That my fear of dementia. All but resulted in me losing one I love.

If I am honest with myself.

I had lost mother.

I seldom called. Because phone calls were painful.

I hated asking: "How was your day?"

Knowing the answer I recieved. If any.

Was fictional

I have visited rarely.

Afraid that I might realise that despite still being here.

She was really already gone.

She wasn't. She isn't.

Being here, I have realised.

She is just in a different phase of life.

From birth to death.

We have different mental faculties. Different physical capabilities.

Different strengths. Different weaknesses.

From birth to death.

We have different levels of dependency. Or responsibility.

At birth. we are entirely dependent.

But we view a newborn child as a gift.

Certainly not as a burden.

Because with a new born. We focus on what is new.

Special. Precious

Rather than the burden. The dependence.

Why is it then that we tend to look at our elderly.

Exactly the opposite.

We focus on the burden. The dependence.

Rather that what is special and precious.

What I have been gifted.

Is the appreciation that my mother is still a gift.


But still just as special and precious.

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