Day eight of nine
Day eight of nine mother stories

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I'd almost forgotten what a mother's love was like.

Part nine!

Day eight of nine

I'd almost forgotten what a mother's love was like

It's not at all like romantic love

Which rises and dives like a roller-coaster.

Driven by passion. Desire.

That pushes and pulls. Often within the same moment.

It's not like the love

I have for my children.

Which is so big. And aspirational.

That I can ride to the moon on rocketship pride.

But which is also laced thickly with a parent's fear




Will take it away.

It's different to the love I had for my father.

Which I think was most akin to the love other's might have for their God.

My mother's love.

Just makes my feel better.

When I feel her love, I feel most like I'm 'me'.

Whatever the fuck that is.

It feels like if there was only to be.

A single constant in my life.

This would be it.

And I know for that reason.

I tend to take it for granted.

I don't want to do that anymore.

Tomorrow, I will leave.

But take her love with me.

Because as much as I wish it was.

I know it's not eternal.

And I'm going to try and not to take it for granted.

Ever again.

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