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ryuwelp00 idk im inactive on here
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because fog, because questions.


by ryuwelp00

questions, they're like fog.

floating aimlessly around in air, changing and contorting.

they don't usually get answered

they aren't usually contemplated either

sometimes, sometimes i feel sorry

sorry for how they're ignored, how they're lonely

they're like whispers

heard but not seen

because we're too afraid to answer them.

fog blocks our clear paths.

they create biased paradigms.

they make crooked looking glasses.

questions are like fog.

they're shapeless

they haunt the back of our minds

"forget the fog,"

they say,

"forget the fog and it won't bother you."

but even if fog disappears for a moment

it will come back fresh and hazy the next

like in an early morning

with you lying in bed, pondering,


you can't really grasp them.

they don't really go away either. like fog."

this is what i think of

every time i see fog.

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