The Night Of Paper
The Night Of Paper fiction stories

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Seems boring right? Wrong. This is a short story told from a paper's point of view. Filled with heartbreak, emotion, and anger. How can one paper change it all?

The Night Of Paper

I was first bought by a young girl at Staples a few years ago. I am an uncompleted letter to this girl's best friend who moved to Italy. Her name is Kaylia. I've watched her age...

'Dear Saphia, You are my best friend. I care for you so much. I just wish you did't go...' was all she wrote before leaving me on her desk. Seven years have passed, Kaylia is now fifteen.

She was eight when she wrote her uncompleted letter. Her best friend, Saphia, was shorter than Kaylia. But, Saphia's skin was darker. They both used to live in Oakwood. Kaylia still does, but every night she still keeps complaining...

She complains that it isn't Oakwood without Saphia. "Saphia, we will meet again," I hear Kaylia whisper to herself. Suddenly, I see her jolt up. "Maybe..." she trails off.

The girl picks me up and erases the part of the letter she started writing. She re-writes another letter. Then, she started re-reading her letter...

'Dear Saphia, I know it has been long, but I can't stop thinking about you, my very first best friend. I am guessing you probably have new best friends in Italy...I miss you! I wish I could visit you or you could visit me. I know it has been seven years, but I've never been able to deal with it. Come back XOXO -Kaylia'

How sweet! I thought. Kaylia rewrote on a different paper. She told me I was her 'inspiration paper' and still needed me. A week later, mail came for Kaylia. She didn't know it, but I was probably as excited as Kaylia. Maybe even more excited. When she opened it, her heart sank. I know paper don't have hearts, but I feel upset. The letters...the emotion...

'Dear Kaylia, This is not Saphia, but her mother.Saphia has read your letter. Unfortunately, she is incapable of writing. She was hit by a bus a few hours ago. She wanted me to tell you this: Kaylia, I miss you too. This may be weird, but I don't have a single best friend here in Italy. I only have one friend, Rodrigo, who barely even likes me. He just showed me my new school and that was it.

We all miss you as well, Kaylia our dearest...XOXOXO -The Soguela Family.' Instantly, I knew she felt angry at her mom. She called for her mom and explained everything. "This is all your fault! If you gave them just the extra hundred dollars, they could've stayed!" Kaylia cried. "Kay, remember: us before others," her mom told her...

"I know, but they had to go all the way across our entire country and more!" then she stormed out and left. Her mother looked ready to yell. Then, she calmed herself. **A few weeks later**

"Surprise!" said a familiar voice outside Kaylia's door. She opened it was SAPHIA! They hugged for maybe a minute. Maybe life is good. Not everything is bad...

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