Mixed hearts, Blended souls
Mixed hearts, Blended souls romance stories

ryleecat Love to write, poetry is my fav. ; )
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Mixed hearts, Blended souls

by ryleecat

There was a girl

who had a blue heart,

Like the sky on a sunny summer day.

She thought one evening, "Blue and orange make green, and green is such a wonderful color. Why don't I find myself a boy to mix colors with?"

So that's what she set out to do.

She found a boy and thought, "What a beautiful heart he has! What a vibrant color!"

And the by thought, "What a beautiful girl with a loving heart and a sweet smile!"

And so they married and the girl said, "Darling, wouldn't it be great to have a green heart, it would be beautiful! Would you blend your orange heart with mine?"

He replied, "My love you know I would do anything for you. If blue and orange make green and you want our hearts to be green, I will do it."

So they mixed hearts.

And the girl was horrified. What she saw could not be right. Her heart, his heart, their conjoined hearts--it was brown. An ugly, disgusting brown.

The boy gasped and looked at the girl. " I thought you wanted a green heart?"

She collapsed in a heap. " Oh my, how could I be so ignorant," she cried out, covering her face and sobbing.

"Oh dear me, how could I be so stupid? Everyone knows blue and yellow makes green, not orange and blue!"

The boy looked sorrowfully at his wife. "My love, I hate seeing you cry, you know I would do anything for you. The color of our heart does not matter, only that we love each other."

She sniffed. "No no, I am ugly. An ugly girl colored brown."

He sat down and held his love. Then a thought struck him. "Did you only marry me for my orange heart? Did you only mix your heart with mine for green? Did you ever really love me?"

The girl thought. Then she realized how selfish she had been. "Yes, I did. But darling, I realize now, you are so much more than just a color. I love you, nothing changes that."

The boy looked at her lovingly. Then he had an idea. "Ah, my darling, you may be right that are heart is brown, but you are forgetting, what about our souls?"

The girl laughed joyously. "We have souls, my sweet, we have souls! Vibrant, colorful souls!"

They held one another in their arms and in an act of devotion towards each other, blended souls with an outcome of lime green. A bright, beautiful green.

"Are you happy, my girl?" The boy asked, not caring of colors, only of making his wife content. "I am, my boy."

They lived happily together, their fate intertwined for eternity, as their souls were now blended. "I could care less if our heart is brown, I will love you forever, that is all that matters."

The boy told the girl. The girl said back, "And I love you too."

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