I told you I'm fine
I told you I'm fine stories

ryleecatLove to write, poetry is my fav. ; )
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I told you I'm fine

by ryleecat

You asked me how my day was. I said it was fine.

What I didn't say was that all my friends shunned me.

Or that my boyfriend broke up with me.

What I didn't say is that I really love a girl, yet I'm a girl too. It'll never work though.

That I want to die. That I want to kill myself.

I'm fine.

Now you ask how I am...

And I just grunt. There is no use lying. There's no use saying I'm fine. Ok. Whatever. Good. Perfect. Because it's not true. AT ALL.

Whenever you ask, I just grunt. You just assume it means i'm fine.

That's fine with me. Think what you want,

It doesn't matter anyway.

So I'm fine.

I'm forever fine.

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