A Letter to the Good Ones
A Letter to the Good Ones to-future-me-2018 stories

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Dear nice guy ...

A Letter to the Good Ones

Dear nice guy,

I'm writing you this letter to let you know, that you won't finish last. You've been strung along, lied to, cheated on, shrugged off, ignored, hurt, and stomped to the ground.

You've heard those infamous words "you're so nice" so many times, you want to vomit. You continue to dust yourself off and try again. Same tune, different note.

Society tells you to be an asshole, the media portrays sex as the be all/end all. You don't have it in you though. You weren't raised that way. Your parents taught you to love and respect.

You may think you don't have it figured out, but you actually do.

You have a tendency to come across as needy or attention seeking, but on the contrary you're a very strong individual. You don't need anyone.

Every negative experience has placed a brick in your foundation. You continue to go about your business, doing what makes you happy. You know deep down, what you have to offer.

Are you perfect? No.

Do you need to constantly work on yourself and grow as an individual? Yes.

But don't give up!!

Why you ask?

Because one day, you'll meet someone who gets it. She'll stitch back every piece of your broken heart. She'll lick all your open wounds. She'll see every scar and want to know why.

She'll touch you in a way no one else ever has. She'll make you realize why nothing else ever worked out. She'll see past all the bullshit and games. She'll dance in the rain.

She'll swim in the ocean under the moon. She'll travel the world. She'll endure every storm with you. She won't give up! It's not in her blood.

She herself will be strong, because she walked down the same path of healing and self love. The two of you will shake the world.

So every time you see an asshole and think to yourself why not me, remember you won't finish last.

Take your time and be patient, because once you find that true love, that's something those assholes will never have.


Your inner self

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