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If you're lookin' for some romantic poetry in this cold Spring of 2018, I gotcha covered!

Adore Her

Adore is but one word to describe

How my passion boils in your sight

How I find your reality is a pleasure

The green in your eyes makes a friendly neighbor

To the white around it and the black at the center

To say the least, I fascinate over your majestic face

Your nature is something I desire by my place

I can fantasize, by my side, you and I staring at this moonlight

Alas we are at separate ends o’er this bridge, as I make aware of this night sky

And when I close mine eyes, my dreams take flight as I am taken from one scene to the next

One illustration depicts me hiding something comically from you as we are friends

Another narrates a tale of you weeping upon my bosom in a bitterly warm moment

The longing I have in my heart and my head

To feel you, to laugh with you, to rest beside you

The excitement which raises my hopes

Alas, the present bears somewhat a cold truth

For now, I may only marvel and hunger at the admirable you

I cannot lie, no, I cannot deny

Your nature, your complexities, your physiologies

I have heard your song and it beckons me to express

Express with or without jest

How I possess such a thirst

There is more intertwined in the light that shines upon your luscious skin

My heart grumbles for your attention

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