Deep red doors
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I liked the idea of depicting love as a place rather than a feeling, so I decided to try and convey that thought. I also wanted to try and avoid using the words "love" and "heart", I think they fit better as thoughts procured bu the reader than being explicitly stated.

Deep red doors

Glistening inside her eyes

are the millions of hopes and dreams

that I too share in my solidarity.

Too often these dreams do divide

the link between wandering souls.

And so it seems upon the clouds of our minds

the thing we solely seek to find

the bonds we share, the fruit we bear,

products of a freezing time

as my gaze locks upon hers

and my veins fill my brain with

something I've never felt before.

A pounding chest, you know the rest,

the immersion to a world

where you have another half,

and you'd do anything to stay there.

But not all doors are locked,

even those to the most unbridled affection.

So just remember to make sure

that your couch is soft and your rooms are warm

so the inside of your chest isn't torn.

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